So, you’ve been sharing pictures and stories of gay boys being beaten up and no one doing anything about it. You may think that by sharing such news and adding your comments, saying “This is bad and needs to stop.” you are doing something about it. But, I’m going to get a bit up in your face: Sharing the negativity and saying how bad it is does NOT constitute doing anything good or helping the issue in any way; it only adds to the hate, it fuels the fire.

Mother Theresa once said: “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me. … Let’s focus, pray, rally, preach Peace, and we will have it!” – and she speaks the truth. The same applies with homophobia. We’re all trying to eradicate homophobia by focussing on it and sharing negativity when instead we should be focussed on acceptance, equality, and sharing positive news. Please tell me: when did focusing on the negative and sharing negativity ever achieve anything good? Nothing good can come of a negative focus.

Sharing negativity is pointless and counter-productive. It just shows gay bashers out there that there are other haters bashing gays, thereby inviting them to go out there and do some gay bashing themselves. Negative stories just fuel the fire. It’s like saying “Oh hey haters, look, we’re getting bashed and no one is doing anything about it because we don’t have enough evidence, so please come and bash us some more since no one is going to do anything about it” – Get my point?

This over-sharing of negative cases is exactly why more and more cases of gay bashing are taking place because the media (and the general gay community at large) is showing bashers that no one does anything about it. All they do is share pictures of beat up gay boys with stories of how nothing is being done about it, thereby effectively inviting gay bashers to bash because no one is going to do anything about it. The only thing that’ll happen is that the hate crime will get publicity, inciting other haters to do more crime.

Focus on sharing good, positive things instead! Share pro-LGBT news. Share stories of guys getting married. Share stories of LGBT’s getting accepted everywhere. Focus on the good! SHARE THE POSITIVE!

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