There are many unpleasant male health issues that are much more common than men realize. Most men won’t admit that they are suffering from these particular health concerns, but if they did talk about it, they would quickly realize that they are not the only one.

Here are five common male health issues:


HemorrhoidsIf it is increasingly difficult to sit down without experiencing pain, it could be hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused by swollen veins in the anus. The causes of this vein-swelling could be due to straining during bowel movements or too much sitting. Sometimes the condition exists just inside the anus and the veins aren’t visible, while other times the swollen veins are external. The condition could also be a sign of a bigger problem, such as anal infection or liver cirrhosis, which is why it is important to tell your doctor about the pain in your rear-end.

Hemorrhoids can cause itching, blood in the feces, and painful bowel movements. It will also make it uncomfortable every time you sit down to drive, work, or relax. Ignoring the problem will usually make it worse and possible result in avoidable surgery. If you seek a doctor’s advice early on, chances are you will only need an over-the-counter topical cream with corticosteroid or lidocaine, possibly accompanied by other non-invasive remedies like heat treatment.

Bladder Problems 

A lot of men are also troubled by their water works, and having to go too often is apparently the biggest male concern. At the end of the day, all men are different and each knows how often they need to urinate. If it’s always been the same then chances are that’s just normal. It’s a fact that the more you drink the more you will urinate. Frequent urination can occasionally be a sign of diabetes however, so if you are finding yourself going more often than usual and you can’t pinpoint a cause, then you should definitely get a diabetes test.


Sexually transmitted infections are more common than one would imagine – for example, over 40% of men contract some form of HPV during the course of their lives. The problem with STIs is they can be hard to identify. Chlamydia, for example, is often symptomless in men but can go on to cause infertility in women. When men do identify an STI due to discoloration of their genitals or the growth of warts or fungus, they are often inclined to seek help from the internet and try medications from often unreliable sources. Seeing a qualified medical professional may be embarrassing but it is the only recommended course of action. Regular checkups are sensible – it is possible to take chlamydia tests for free through the post these days – and young and promiscuous individuals should always take care to wear prophylactics, which will drastically reduce the chances of infection.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is one health concerns that men will almost always keep to themselves. This is when a man lacks control over ejaculation and it regularly happens much sooner than he or his partner would like. Premature ejaculation is the most common of all male sexual health issues and affects most men at some point in their lives. There are many ways to treat premature ejaculation like the new climax control programme called Prolong. It is the result of years of research and development and is the first medically-approved programme designed to help men regain control of their ejaculation.

Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is the number one health issue that men do not want to discuss with other men, including doctors. Erectile dysfunction is actually pretty common and it will happen to most men at some point in their lives. Erectile dysfunction is actually quite common when men are stressed or have consumed too much alcohol.

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