You know how I always bitch and complain about my ugly teeth on Twitter? Well, the awesome folks over at must’ve noticed because they sent me this LED Teeth Whitening Kit to try…


This kit is worth $69.95 USD but they currently have them available at only $39.95 USD ($30 SAVING) and they ship worldwide! The kit includes a High Intensity LED Accelerator Light, a Teeth Whitening Gel Pen, Lip & Cheek Protector, and a detailed instructional Brochure; all packed together in a neat little box for easy handling.

My mouth is an absolute disaster; I’ve only been to the dentist three times (not kidding) in my entire life and I used to be a chain smoker up until a few years ago. I’ve never had my teeth professionally cleaned and I’m in desperate need of quality dental care. But, I do brush and floss regularly and I’ve been using various types of whitening tooth pastes in hopes of cleaning my teeth. Due to the fact that I have two tooth-colored restorations on my front teeth; I’ve been scared of trying any DIY teeth whitening system. I even waited about a month after I’ve received this kit before I started using it because I first wanted to make extra sure that it would be ok to use over my tooth-colored restorations. I was told that it’s ok but that my restorations won’t get any lighter than the shade they are now. So, if I whiten my teeth lighter than the tone of the restorations; I would need to have the restorations replaced to match my new tooth color. Eventually, I built up enough courage to stop worrying about the state of my restorations and about putting Whitening Gel and LED lights in my mouth, and I started using the kit.

Applying the Whitening Gel was really simple and effortless. The Gel comes in a handy twist pen. You just pop off the cap, twist the end until enough Gel to cover your teeth comes out the tip and then you cover your teeth using the built-in brush that’s at the tip of the pen. After that, you put in the gum and lip guard to stop the Gel from touching your gums and lips. And then switch on the LED lights and stick them in your mouth. The LED lights are so designed that they contour to your teeth and you can easily wrap your lips around the casing to hold it in place…


You have to sit like that for 20-40 minutes for it to be effective. To be honest, it was really difficult the first time around and I only made it to the 25 minute mark because I was salivating A LOT and I wasn’t sure if it was ok to swallow because I could taste the whitening gel. The second time was better because I sat with my head tilted back so that I could swallow my saliva before it mixed with the whitening gel. There is enough gel in the pen for about 4-6 uses. I took a picture of my disastrous teeth before using the kit and used it a total of 3 times before I snapped another picture for comparison. At first, I didn’t want to share my teeth pictures here on my blog because in addition to having yellow teeth, I’m also in desperate need of braces and who knows what else. But oh well, here goes…

I present to you, the before and after pictures of 3 sessions with the SmileBrilliant LED Teeth Whitening System:


Skew hobo-esque (LOL?) teeth aside; I can definitely see some improvement. I’ve still got enough gel left for another 3-4 sessions but I haven’t yet decided if I want to risk going lighter than the tone of my restorations. I’m really happy with the results thus far! Thank you SmileBrilliant for giving me a brighter smile!

I still have an ugly smile but at least now it’s more tolerable thanks to the awesomeness that is SmileBrilliant. The over-all experience was quite pleasant and I definitely recommend this kit to anyone who wants to whiten their teeth at home. Why go to a dentist when you can do it yourself?

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