Often, everyone would say how much they hate Mondays; how Mondays mean that the fun and freedom of the weekend is over and that we have to get back into a work-day routine. If you’re one of those who happen to hate your job, I can understand that Monday might not be your favorite day. But, I’d like you to hear me out: Ever thought of putting yourself into a mindset where Monday is actually the best day of the week?

I’d like to quote from The Secret Daily Teachings: “We are precious; every single one of us. We are magnificent human beings who have been given an almighty gift – the ability to create our own lives, without limits.”

We often get stuck in a rat-race where we feel powerless and bogged-down by routine and responsibility. But we have the power to create our own lives; to choose how we want to live and what we want to do. Instead of thinking of Monday as the start of another boring, routine week; think of Monday as a magnificent gift, a new start, a new chapter in life where we have the ability to create what we choose, and a new chance to work towards what we really want in life. Let’s change our mindset about Monday and make it the best day of the week! Happy Monday!

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