Do you ever watch podcasts? Well, I do, and I’m absolutely obsessed with Tips on Healthy Living, a free Lifestyle, Fitness and Nutrition podcast by Simon & Schuster.

In their latest podcast episode, Listen to your cravings, holistic health counselor Alexandra Jamieson dares us to face our cravings head on—for food, sex, sleep, movement, and more. She encourages us to tune in to our bodies explore our cravings—leading to healthy and joyful lives.

I’ve taken the liberty of writing down what she spoke about…

“What do you want? Your desires matter! Your cravings are instructions from your body and your true soul. Your cravings and desires can actually be your best allies to support the body and life that you really want.

For years I was out of touch with my desires – my body – my health. Food cravings seemed to dominate my thoughts, and I thought with what my body was telling me, that my diet wasn’t working for me anymore; that my marriage wasn’t the right fit. 

Naming and taking action on our desires takes guts. You really have to decide that taking care of yourself matters more than how others might react.

Desire, cravings, curiosity of, been labelled as dangerous since the story of Adam and Eve. All Eve did was reach for an apple, nourishment and knowledge. She wanted to be fulfilled. And this craving lead her to a desire to feed herself something REAL.That act of self-care, curiosity and craving, lead those in power to later label her natural, healthy hunger as a sin.

We all fear being judged and shut out from sharing our true selves. So, we keep our desires hidden, and rarely shine a light on what we really want. It’s confusing to allow ourselves to go after our desires in life when you don’t trust your body and the messages that it sends you.

But what if those cravings for food, as much as the desires for your life were the same? What if your cravings and your desires were your best path forward in life? Our cravings come from our gut – our core; from our bodies asking for the right nutrients to heal and grow our energy. Our cravings come from emotions that cause the body to ask for relief. And our cravings come from the physical realm of movement and pleasure.

Learning to listen to our bodies, moment to moment, asking what it needs, and actually giving ourselves the things that serve our bigger life purpose… I call it The Big Mode; your big motivating desire. It’s how you want to feel in your life and in your body. It’s a guiding light – your north star, to follow and use to guide you as you listen to your cravings.” 

You can watch the complete podcast [here].

She also spoke about her book WOMAN, FOOD, AND DESIRE. I don’t have a vageen so, I’m not a woman (except for that wrinkle on my forehead that’s kind of starting to resemble a vagina), but I think that I could also benefit from reading this book. Judging by the wisdom shared in the short podcast episode, there will be a great wealth of knowledge available in her book. Then again, if we simply break free from the bounds of what we were taught to believe, we’ll see that giving in to our desires, no matter how taboo, will actually allow us to truly be ourselves and experience true happiness. Isn’t the purpose of life to be happy?

If our desires bring true joy and fulfillment, why not listen and act on them? What’s wrong with that? Honestly; nothing! As long as our desires don’t bring harm to other living beings, it’s all good. So, have at it! xoxo

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