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Another weekend, another fun night out. You had it all planned; meeting up with your besties at your apartment, mixing up some cocktails to get you all buzzed and tipsy, while you help each other groom for your night out. You’re going clubbing, and you plan on drinking quite a lot, so you’re taking a cab, instead of driving there yourself. Safety first, right? You arrive at the club, already tipsy from those delicious Mojitos you skillfully mixed up for everyone back at your apartment. After all, it’s more fun to arrive when you’re already in a tipsy party mode. You spend the night having the time of your life; getting completely knackered with your besties. You down cocktail after cocktail, then some shooters, maybe even bottle of champagne to celebrate how totally awesome you are. Life is beautiful, and you are drunk; having the best time, ever!

The next morning; you wake up, unsure of just how exactly you got home, because you can’t remember everything from last night. You giggle to yourself at how totally trashed you were, but your head is killing you, and the sound of your own giggle makes your head feels like it’s going to explode. Your room-mate brings you a cup of coffee, but you nearly murder them for saying good morning. Hangover level: Extreme. Everyone should shut up, and you shouldn’t move an inch. Bring the water, the painkillers, the silence, and hide your head in darkness underneath your pillow. You feel like you’re about to die, and you vow to never ever drink again. This is it. This is the last time!

However,  we all know that you’re going to drink again, and you’ll probably wake up with another killer hangover at some point. But, what if you could have all that awesome fun, without the hangover. Of course you can! Preventing a hangover is as simple as consuming a tasty, lemon flavored, zero calorie, zero carb, and zero sugar pre-drink shooter or mixer known as Never Hungover:




For optimal effect, drink 2oz of Never Hungover per every 4 alcoholic drinks. You won’t be hungover the next morning, and you won’t have to lie to yourself about never wanting to drink again. You’re welcome!

But, don’t just take my word for it; Paris Hilton used it at her 2014 birthday party. It was also seen on The Doctor, and given to guests at Lauren Conrad’s wedding. Never Hungover is available in 2oz and 750ml bottles online from their website and Amazon Prime, or offline at GNC.

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