The older I get, the faster time seems to be passing by. I actually feel quite nostalgic at times; recalling younger years when a single day felt like an eternity. Now? Well, now I can’t really tell you what happened to the last three years of my life. I’m already 27 years old, qualifying me to be referred to as “Granny David.” What the fuck happened to my teen years? My perception of time has been simply ridiculous as of late, and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this. I often think about things that happened many years ago, like my breakup, as if it was only yesterday. But it’s already been three years! Sometimes I’m even scared to actually look at the date and acknowledge the fact that we’re already nearing the end of 2014. For a while, my perception of time really depressed me and it felt as if I was stuck in some void, with life passing me by. It felt like everyone else was moving forward at a normal time pace but that I was incapable of doing anything at all, because of how fast time seemed to be moving for me.

The speed of time is perception based and seems to be highly influenced by our current mood, mental health, and physical surroundings. From personal experience, and from what I can see in others; the more negative, lonely and depressed a person is, the faster time seems to be passing by for them. Then of course, there’s the whole “Time flies when you’re having fun” side of the story, which is also true. I think it comes down to mental focus. When you’re having fun, you’re not really mentally focused on the concept of time, and when you’re depressed, your mind often wanders away from the here-and-now, also disregarding the concept of time. I think that I have discovered a way to change my perception of time by bringing focus to the here-and-now. I wasn’t actively trying to change my perception of time; I just discovered an awesome time altering tool purely by accident. It’s quite simply really…

I started writing a private daily journal, documenting all the events that happened during each day, including my thoughts, feelings, current mood, and state of mind. After a couple of weeks I noticed that my perception of time changed completely. A week no longer passed in the blink of an eye, and a day actually felt like it had plenty of time available for me to do whatever I wanted to do. In addition to slowing down time; keeping a daily journal also increased my productivity. In the three months since I’ve been keeping a daily journal, I’ve achieved more than I had in the last three years. I always thought of private journaling as a silly, pointless practice. Why would I want to write down mundane events and recall daily routines? Turns out, writing those things down is the best thing I’ve ever done, and will continue to do, because it brings my mental focus back to the here-and-now, thus changing my perception of time.

If you also feel like a granny because of how fast time seems to be passing you by, start keeping a daily journal. Give it a try! You’ll be surprised at how such a simple practice can change your perception of time and actually appear to slow down time. You’ll get to live in the here-and-now and to make the most of every moment with plenty of time to spare! Also affirm to yourself that, “time is slow and there is plenty of time for me to do whatever I want to do.” Know of any other time altering techniques? Please drop them in the comments below. xoxo

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