I’m currently living in a 20 square meter (215 square feet) small apartment. The entryway and kitchen area is only 3 square meters. My bedroom, workspace, and closet is in one 12 square meter space. And my bathroom with basin, toilet, and shower is only about 5 square meters. I’ve always thought of my living space as small and cramped, because the furniture that I am currently using will be better suited to a larger space. I only have two really small windows, so my apartment is quite dark. I call it “my little hole.” And yes, I love inviting guests to “Come in my little hole.” There’s not much space for guests here, though. I have on office chair, one queen size bed, a large L-shaped desk and two clothing racks, all stuffed into my little hole. There’s only about 3 square meters of open floor space. If you ever come in my little hole, the only place to hang out is on my big bed.

I never really thought of what I could do to maximize the space, because I always think of it as temporary (even though I’ve already been here for a year). But then I came across a video of a woman who lives in an even smaller apartment. With the help of an interior design agency, she managed to turn an 8 square meter small apartment into a complete home. I’m almost jealous of her space now. Check it out…

After seeing this, I can’t stop thinking about all the things that I can do to turn my 20 square meter apartment into an elegant living space. I could separate my bedroom, workspace, and closet, instead of having it all mashed together in a single space. If only I could afford to hire renovators who knew what they were doing and could build custom furnishings; I could turn my little hole into my little heaven. Maybe I could’ve done it myself if I was still dating that guy who was really good at DIY. Where’s the handy men when I need them? But of course, I still think of my current living space as only temporary, so why waste any resources when I am working towards bigger dreams?

In all honesty though, I would much prefer living in a large apartment with large windows and plenty of floor space to spare. Large open spaces make me feel free and give me room to think. But, I guess if you spend your entire day out and about in the city, and if you actually make the most of your space like this woman has, then the size of your apartment is not really much of an issue at all. Would you live in such a small apartment?

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