I’ve been working on the Loremaster achievements over the last two months. Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor was easy to complete but I kept getting stuck in Outland areas like Nagrand, Blade’s Edge Mountains and Netherstorm. I found myself flying around aimlessly looking for more yellow ‘!’ on my mini-map, hoping to find enough quests to meet the required quota or the Loremaster achievement. Not being able to find any I gave up and decided to go finish all the Mount Hyjal and Deepholm quests instead, which were easy to complete.

After finishing Mount Hyjal and Deepholm I once again returned to Outland in hopes of finishing off the remaining zones. I Googled for help, read reviews and comments on WoWHead, WoWPedia, etc. but none of the suggestions really seemed to help. I had completed all of the quests that most of the commenters suggested as the final chain for said areas.Then I remembered; often repeatable quest NPC’s with a blue ‘?’ or “!” over their heads could also have a yellow quest which you may not know about until you actually speak to them. This got me much closer to finishing all the Outland zones but I was still missing a few quest.

I stumbled upon QuestHelper while searching Curse for plugins which may aid me. The plugin tells you how to finish your quests in the easiest, fastest manner. It includes a database of quests, monsters and items telling you the exact location of that dang item you can’t find. It also computes the fastest path to complete all your quests, and gain experience – as quickly as possible. At first I thought this wouldn’t be of any use to me this far into finishing the Outland Loremaster achievement, since most plugins like these require to be installed from the start in order to track what you’ve done. In my desperation I decided to install it anyway. There’s no harm in trying right?

It worked – The plugin didn’t show any of the quests I’ve already completed. Upon opening the world map I saw a few little purple dots of the final missing quests I still had to complete. Obviously it wasn’t always as easy as simply flying to the purple dot on the map since some quests were chains coming in from other zones like Zangarmarsh and Shadowmoon Valley but with the help from the plugin I was at least able to see the name of the unfinished quests, look them up on WoWHead and figure out ways to complete them. It really helps knowing the name of the outstanding quests.

If you’re struggling to finish the Outland Loremaster achievement, remember to check you blue “?” NPC’s for yellow quests, and I highly recommend installing the QuestHelper plugin. I was able to easily finish the achievement. Now I can move on to finish Northrend and Cataclysm zones with help from the plugin to finally get the Loremaster achievement title and colors. I hope this helps those a who are stuck trying to finish some zones. – Happy gaming!

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