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“To whom it may concern

It was with utmost disgust that we saw the article in the 11 September 2009 issue of the Mail & Guardian called:
Zuma’s new God squad wants liberal laws to go

As far as I know our nation is built on values of equality and non-discrimination now only to be placed on auction.
How on earth can you play god with other people’s lives?

The involvement of the shrewd sycophants is intensely worrying as we will not allow our fundamental rights to dignity, equality and non-discrimination to be auctioned off to the loudest demagogue.

We are a religious pluralist country and religion and politics should never mix.

I am not the only person deeply distressed and infuriated by this, the vast vast majority of comments on the article denounced this behaviour in no uncertain terms and people across all ethnic lines rallied together with a common goal – to protect individual freedoms and liberal values and unity against this actions in solidarity out of our abhorrence with Government’s newest moves.

We appeal for you to keep to the values as displayed by the honourable former President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.
We need to build one nation united in our diversity – not return to a system of first and second class citizens for which attributes the deemed “second class” citizens have no control over as it is a biological reality just as much as out golden girl Caster Semenya cannot be so unfairly treated as she was born the way she is.
We are angry over the injustice of the Caster Semenya issue because we know how it feels to be made society’s rejects and face gross injustice, rape, violence, torture and death like Eudy Simelane did. Long live her memory.

Kind regards”


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