There has been quite some controversy over gay marriage in California since 2008 when the ban on gay marriage, knows as Proposition 8 was passed by voters. Some 18,000 gay and lesbian couples tied the knot between May and November that year.

Earlier this month, the ban was over-turned by Federal Judge Vaughn Walker and same-sex marriage was due to resume today (18 Aug 2010). California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “I am pleased to see Judge Walker lift his stay and provide all Californians the liberties I believe everyone deserves. Today’s ruling continues to place California at the forefront in providing freedom and equality for all people.”

Unfortunately the Judges in the US Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the lower court’s ruling that would have allowed gay marriages to resume. All same-sex weddings in California have been put on hold while they consider whether the state’s gay marriage ban in constitutional.

This means that same-sex marriages cannot be held in the state until at least December. At this time, only the states of Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and US capital Washington DC recognize gay marriage.

Legal experts believe the case is almost certain to end up before the US Supreme Court in around two years, once appeals hearings in lower courts have run their course.

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