I’m starting to make a list of which WordPress plugins to avoid (unless you have the time and the energy to bitch and moan complain to the creators and get them to fix things). Myself; I prefer things simple, it’s easier to ‘de-activate’ a plugin and get a decent replacement then to spend hours tying to track down the creator and hoping for a fix.

Well here you have it, some plugins to avoid (and the reason why):

  • Add To Facebook – Silly little app, there are better ones out there.
  • Bookmarkify – Another silly little app, avoid.
  • ShareButtons – This one is a HUGE eyesore.
  • WordPress Gravatars – Terrible coding, will slow down your whole server.

As I play around with different plugins and widgets I will carry on adding to the list of which to avoid, and in some time I will give you a list of the best ones and their uses.

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