We’ve been saying it for years, but everyone thought that we Mac-heads had a chip on our shoulder from the once-sour relationship with Microsoft. Finally, however, the truth has come to light; a group manager from Microsoft has gone on record and admitted the source of some of Windows 7’s prettier bits and pieces.

Simon Aldous sat down with PCR for an interview and when he was asked to comment on the agility of Redmond’s latest operating system, he had this to say:

“What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7 – whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format – is create a Mac look and feel.”

While I am glad that people at Microsoft are finally accepting the superiority of OS X, it still stung a little when Simon started to backtrack saying that Vista was more stable than OS X.

Update: It looks like the Windows team had a few things to say about Simon’s earlier remarks, noting that “his comments were inaccurate and uninformed.” It is, in my opinion, difficult to deny that the OS X Dock has had a positive impact on how people use their computers — whether they be PCs or Macs. That being said, I’m glad Microsoft didn’t take this one lying down.

[via Engadget]

TUAWMicrosoft manager admits to copying ‘Mac look and feel,’ MS denies originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Wed, 11 Nov 2009 19:30:00 EST.


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