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The reality of virtual debit cards for South Africans is not too far away, according to Mark Chirnside, CEO of Ukash, a mobile payment solution company.

Chirnside revealed at the ITWeb Mobile Payments conference in Johannesburg, this week, that Ukash will soon unveil a solution giving South Africans the ability to obtain a debit card number to use on various international. Websites to purchase goods and services.

South African credit cards, but not debit cards, are currently accepted as a payment method on international Web sites, such as eBay and Amazon.

This virtual debit card solution, however, will be accepted globally as payment by South Africans, according to Chirnside.

The solution is made possible through a partnership between Ukash and an international bank that issues MasterCards.

Chirnside did not reveal the name of the bank, but in his presentation on reaching the unbanked mentioned a large Canadian financial institution, which the company has already partnered with.

“The virtual debit card offering will be available before the end of the year,” Chirnside said.

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