A while ago my Sony Ericsson k800i went through a full wash cycle with my laundry.

Note to self: Drop the habit of leaving cell phones in pockets since this is not the first time.

At first I was really upset, but since it’s about high time for me to get a new phone my anger turned into excitement. Luckily the phone was still covered by insurance and after sending in a claim they quickly responded with replacement phone options. Now since I’ve wanted either an iPhone or Blackberry and because the insurance company only offered me another cybershot Sony Ericsson’ I decided to ask them for a cash payout instead.

Unfortunately the insurance pay-out was not enough to cover what I wanted I had to cough up a considerable amount myself. Since I didn’t have enough funds available for purchasing an iPhone cash’ I opted for a BlackBerry instead.

Yay! I finally have a phone again, a really cool one and here I am writing a blog post from the free WordPress app which is available from the Blackberry App World. Maybe now I’ll actually blog and tweet more…

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