I’ve never been a big fan if Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser. Especially for the fact that it’s not very secure or highly compatible with standard web code. When I create website, like this blog for example I always have to create a separate style-sheet for Internet Explorer otherwise some things simply wont show correctly. This has never been a problem with any other browsers, its only IE that’s been the sore thumb sticking out.

It has been reported that Internet Explorer is FINALLY going down. IE Market share has dropped below the 50% mark in its global share of the Internet browser market. The latest version of Internet Explorer addresses the issues with web standards compatibility, security and speed so Microsoft might see their browser rise to the top again, but I for one hope that it will stay where it belongs, down below the 50% share mark.

Did you know that some people out there actually think that Microsoft created the Internet and that Internet Explorer was the first web browser? I hate to break it to you but that is total bullshit. If you’re one of the people still holding onto IE because you think it was the first or that it is the best, you should seriously consider using Chrome, Firefox or Safari instead because Internet Explorer is quite honestly the worst way to experience the web. Switch now. Let IE die a painful yet necessary death. I’m sure that all the other web designers that have to struggle making things work in IE will share my feeling on this. Ciao IE, please don’t come back!

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