Today, Apple was awarded a patent for power management circuitry for solar-powered portable devices.

Now we know that Apple has always been on the forefront of mobile technology, including power management and batteries, but I never expected apple to go the solar route. As with many other consumer electronic manufacturers, having been awarded a patent for this specific technology doesn’t mean that they will actually use or produce it.

I’m not 100% sold on the idea of a solar Apple portable device because I for one rarely see the sun since I mostly work at night and during the day (when I am asleep) all my mobile devices are either under my bed or my pillow, therefore solar technology would be highly impractical in my case. I can’t image Apple producing anything that is impractical to anyone in any way. Maybe the technology will be able to charge without direct sunlight or natural light? No? – I think this *could* work as a charging case/attachment, but not as part of the actual device. Do you think Apple will produce a solar powered portable device?

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