Over the past few weeks I have been cheating on technology with fashion – But since my love for both is equally strong I can’t help but share this exciting news, which in all honesty is not really “news” unless you are the CEO of Core South Africa you’ve been living under a rock . So without any further ado I introduce you to the Apple iPad 2…

Well, actually I cannot introduce you to the iPad 2 – But if all the rumors are true Apple will be showcasing the new iPad at their March 2 Apple Event. I also suspect a complete overview of the new refreshed MacBook’s and perhaps some other goodies that we’re not aware of yet.

The first generation iPad has only become available here in South Africa a couple of weeks ago with the Core (South African Apple Importer/Distributor) CEO not even being aware of a second generation model. The poor guy must not know what the Internet is. But on a more serious note: I’m glad that I haven’t purchased the first generation because I really want an iPad with a camera and fortunately I can now purchase directly from the US thanks to my travels and connections.

Stay tuned because I’ll be updating you guys on the latest Apple news after the event.

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