By now you probably know that Mac OS X Lion has officially been released. I’ve been quietly stroking my geek harden ever since news of Lion first spread across the Internet and now here I am running the public release on my iMac. I would like to tell you all about my first experience with Mac OS X Lion but before I do that, have a look at the official introduction video: (if you haven’t already seen it)

Purchasing and downloading OS X Lion was effortless. Although the download initiated instantly, it did take a few hours for the entire thing to download due to my slow connection. Once downloaded I was greeted with a pretty welcome screen and a button to continue. My iMac asked me to confirm which hard drive I wanted to install OS X Lion on after which it restarted itself right away followed by a 15 minute installation process and then finally greeting me with the sleek new login screen.

Upon first glance it felt like I had a brand new computer. Everything looked fresh and felt really responsive again. Having read up on most of the features pre-install I instantly jumped in to play around with Launchpad, Mission Control, Full Screen Apps and Versions. I felt instantly comfortable with all the new features and love the fact that I can now use natural scrolling. Unfortunately I do not yet own a Magic Trackpad so I cannot yet experience the built in multi-touch gesture features but I hope to be getting one soon. Oh how I wish that I could afford a new MacBook air right now. Mac OS X Lion is no-doubt the king of operating systems.

There is, however one thing that has upset me since installing Mac OS X Lion. As you know I am a huge Second Life addict but since upgrading to Lion I have been unable to log in to Second Life with the default public viewer. I have only been able to get in world with the third party Phoenix Firestorm viewer which I cannot stand one bit and which would crash often on the new OS. This has been worrying me since I have various responsibilities that need to be taken care of. I sincerely hope that the Viewer 2 developers quickly fix whatever issue it is so that I can take care of business. In the mean-time I may be forced to use the Acer notebook which is running Ubuntu although Second Life is extremely slow on that machine.

My favorite Mac OS X Lion features:

At first I wanted to blog only one favorite feature but picking only one feature out of 250 is quite a difficult task. Instead, I have compiled this little list of all my favorite Mac OS X Lion features which I will be using on a daily basis.

  • Auto Save
  • Search Tokens
  • Full-Screen Apps
  • iCal
  • iChat (Unified Buddy List)
  • LaunchPad
  • Mail
  • Mission Control
  • Resume
  • Safari Reading List
  • Auto-Correct
  • Versions

These features will make may daily computing a lot easier and I am really excited to discover more Mac OS X Lion features as I go along. I can already sense the spontaneous orgasms that will erupt due to the awesomeness that is OS X Lion. What about you? Have you upgraded to OS X Lion yet? Was your upgrade experience as effortless as mine? How do you rate OS X Lion in comparison to other operating systems? What are your favorite features? Comment below…

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