I’m a huge fan of apps and lately there has been so many new websites popping up all over the place that are in themselves full “web apps.” Google has even implemented the Chrome Web Store in trying to beautify and streamline the web app appearance and functionality. But, nothing beats having an application that you can add to your dock and having it separate from other web sites or apps without having to switch tabs or load multiple browser windows.

Enter: FluidApp, Now you can turn your favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps. I’ve recently done this with my WordPress Dashboard and various other web services such as Plurk, Gmail, etc.

Not only is it much more convenient to have these glorified bookmarks sitting in my dock, it also looks better without having all the other browser tools wasting unused space in the toolbar (address bar, navigation buttons, bookmarks bar, etc.) It really feels as if I am using a native Mac App instead of just another website running in another browser tab.

The ability to add these glorified bookmarks will become a standard feature in OS X Lion but, hop on over to FluidApp.com if you want to experience the goodness before the Lion escapes its cage.

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