My Yahoo account has recently been compromised after I logged into the HTC Friend Stream App on my Android device to view my Flickr stream. Today it has been reported that many people on my contact list have received unsolicited “work at home” scam emails from my yahoo account. I advise you all to ignore these emails as they did not come from me. I will never send out any unsolicited email via my yahoo account.

As it turns out, when looking at my Yahoo login history, there were two mobile logins from Brazil and Morocco around the same time that the unsolicited emails started going out. I also had many of the same emails in the Yahoo drafts. – Upon discovering this, I immediately revoked access to all apps, changed my account password and removed my contact list from Yahoo.

Clearly the HTC apps aren’t secure, and backing up my contacts to Yahoo wasn’t a good idea. – I sincerely apologize to all who have received such unsolicited email and ask that you please ignore/delete any mail from the davidventer87 Yahoo account. I repeat: I will never personally send out anything from my Yahoo email account, ever. I only use the domain.

I also urge HTC Android users to avoid using the Friend Stream app for logging into Twitter, Facebook and Flickr – It is not secure; your entire contact list will be compromised.

Many thanks to those who questioned and approached me about the emails because I NEVER checked my Yahoo account for any activity other than the occasional Flickr login.


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