I’ve been tweeting about re-designing my website for quite some time. Even though I really love the current layout, some topic-specific readers do not. With the current layout everything is mashed together into a single string of posts. For those of you only interested in fashion related content are currently also bombarded with entertainment, and personal posts right on the home page. Sure you can just click through to the “Fashion Blog” category from the link in the side-bar, but there are better ways to handle this…

The main RSS feed has also been featuring content from all categories – Those not interested in certain topics are currently forced to consume all content if they have subscribed to my blog via Feedburner. – This is really cool if we share the same interests, but if you’re like the the majority of my readers who only come here for a specific topic, such as fashion, then I’m sure you’d prefer a more tailored subscription feed showcasing only your categories of interest.

The new DAVIDVENTER.NET – Coming soon, will feature a complete re-design. The home page will showcase snippets from the latest articles of each category allowing you to quickly spot and navigate directly to the content of your interest instead of scrolling through various unrelated articles.  I will be launching a collection of new category/topic specific RSS feeds which will enable you to subscribe only to the articles of your choice, bypassing other topics which you may not find interest in. In addition to these exciting changes, I will also be adding new Home & Garden Blog and Online Gaming Blog categories; something which I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but thought it would be inappropriate to dump World of Warcraft articles or pool cleaning tips in-between fashion shows. With the restructuring of DAVIDVENTER.NET I will be able to share more content from more categories with you guys, without making it appear like an un-related mess/mash in a single thread.

Watch this space for the awesome and exciting changes coming soon!

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