Gadget appearance personalization has become another form of self expression. Gone are the days where we’re judged solely on the watches or shoes that we wear. Our cellphone covers have now also become a part of our over-all identity and window to our personality. A funky designer cover can look awesome on our gadgets but what’s even better is custom designed covers made to a unique design specification. Having custom designed skins for our gadgets can set you apart from your peers and offer greater self-expression.

South African company Wrappz, allows you to design your own custom hard cases, skins, & covers for phones, iPads, iPods, laptops, kindles and games consoles. They have a really awesome web application which enables you to create your own custom covers. I’ve made a basic one for DAVIDVENTER.NET just to show the interface…

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.13.51 PM

The interface allows you to design custom covers by adding your own images or selecting from a collection of stock images, adding text and changing colors. Fashionista’s can make covers to fir their wardrobe. Or perhaps you’d like a picture of your partner or pet as your gadget cover? The possibilities are endless.

Custom skins include bespoke designs for mobile phones, iPads, iPods, iPod Touch, Laptops, Kindles and all Tablets, PSPs, DS, Xbox etc. Other Mobile Phone accessories include iPhone skins and cases, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Google skins, LG and Motorola skins. Wrappz also provides Kindle accessories.

Give it a try: Visit to design your own custom covers.

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