Dear readers, followers, friends and fans. It has recently come to my attention that various spammers have been spoofing my email address. I’ve only discovered this after I’ve stopped using Google Apps for Business to manage my custom domain email. You see, with Google, most of my spam emails ended up in my spam folder and I rarely ever checked it. Today, however, I got an email from my own email address about a website called “mysubcare” and a work-from-home link – definitely not something I would send to myself, or to anyone for that matter. If you have been receiving similar spam mails from my email address, I’m sorry, but I am not the sender. Had I noticed this spoofing issue sooner, I would’ve taken steps to resolve the issue long ago. But unfortunately due to yours truly never checking his spam box, this could’ve gone on for years.

Now I know why some of you have been reporting that my emails to you are being marked as spam; it is because spammers have been spoofing my email address and spamming thousands of unlucky recipients with junk for who knows how long. I have made some changes to my domain DNS zone file records that will hopefully stop the spammers from being able to spoof my email address. Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. In short; I’ve done some geeky dork work that will stop the mean people from pretending to be me. If anyone is still receiving any spam or unsolicited email from my domain, I am truly sorry, and please let me know!

If you have been experiencing similar problems, view or contact your email service provider to enquire about setting up SPF records in the DNS Zone File for your domain name.

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