For many years, I’ve been using MediaTemple to host DAVIDVENTER.NET and all other websites that I develop for my clients. Prior to hosting with Media Temple, I jumped from host to host, experiencing some or other issue with each web host provider that prevented me from doing some or other important task.

At one point, I got so fed up with the limitations and issues related to most commercial web hosting companies, that I even rented my own server space directly from a data center, and ran my own hosting company for a while. But even then, I still had some issues, because I didn’t have a 24//7 dedicated team of technicians working for me.Then I discovered MediaTemple. I did some research on their infrastructure, technical support and customer service, and decided to give them a chance. I never looked back.

I’ve used over 8 different web hosting providers and MediaTemple is the only that, not only provided me with exactly what I needed, but was also able to handle large traffic bursts with ease, and offer scalable database resources at the click of a button. Not to mention, their Grid hosting service provides more server resources than that offered by other shared hosting providers, and their DV hosting is probably the best you’ll find, anywhere. I am as big a “fan boy” of MediaTemple as I am of Apple, and that says a lot!

If you are in the market for a Web Hosting provider, now is your chance to sign up for a great deal. From now until Aug 14, 2014 use promo code 777 at checkout and get 7 months off MediaTemple’s most popular hosting plans:

Please note that this offer is only valid on 2-year hosting plans.

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