Rumor has it that Apple products have a very short lifespan. Some people even believe that Apple deliberately causes older devices to slow down in order to get people to buy their latest products. While these rumors run rampant, my personal experience with Apple products over the past 10 years has proven these rumors to be, well… bullshit. Granted, I’m an “Apple fanboy” with nothing but praise for the Cupertino tech giant, but here’s why, and it’s got nothing to do with appearance, class, price, or perceived exclusivity…

Products that are built to last

Contrary to what some haters are saying in the media; Apple products are built to last. Case in point; My first Apple product ever; a 12″ PowerBook G4. It was already old when I bought it second-hand from a friend, but unlike any and all laptops I’ve owned before it; it actually lasted longer than a year. I’m a “heavy user” and In the past, I’ve had Acer, DELL, LG, and IBM laptops die on me within a year of purchase. By die I mean; their batteries would no longer hold a charge, their on-board graphics would die completely, making them impossible to use, or I would have continuous driver issues every time I updated to a new version of Windows or Linux. With my Apple PowerBook, I didn’t experience any of these issues, ever. In fact, I could continue updating it until Apple stopped supporting the PowerPC architecture. The only thing that finally caused the demise of my PowerBook was the fact that I dropped it too many times, causing the hard-drive to break. And like a moron; instead of replacing the hard-drive, I tore the entire PowerBook apart, literally…. Oops?

After the physical destruction of my dear PowerBook, my employer at that time gave me a new MacBook Pro. I didn’t bother buying my own, because… what would I do with two? Then, when I left my job to work on my own business, I returned the MacBook Pro and bought myself a mid-2008 model 21″ iMac. I had a similarly great experience with the iMac as I had with my PowerBook and the MacBook Pro. The iMac served me well, without any issues, until late 2012, when it succumbed to a power surge during a storm that completely fried it inside out.

As a replacement, I bought the first available 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, and I’ve been using it ever since. In fact, I’m typing this article on my mid-2012 model 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, and it still feels like a brand new machine. The battery still holds a full charge that gives me a good 5-7 hours of cable-free bliss. I’m running the latest Mac OS X (Yosemite) with full support of all hardware and software. And I’m still just as in love with this machine as I was on the day I unboxed it. In the time I’ve had this MacBook Pro, a family member of mine went through two other non-Apple laptops due to battery and interface hardware failures, or driver issues with Windows updates causing certain pieces of hardware to become completely unusable. I’ll stick with Apple, thank you.

Based on my personal experience; Apple products last until they are physically destroyed. Take care of them, and they’ll probably last forever (or certainly much longer than any other non-Apple product of the same category).

Technology that “Just Works”

Ah, yes, the age-old “Just works” statement. And no matter how haters try to deny this statement; the truth is, that Apple products “just work” because of the amazing software that is developed for them. Apple designs both hardware and software; making everything work together, perfectly. Even when Apple is having the worst of times with perceived “Major fuck-ups”, like when an operating system update breaks WiFi, for example; they always fix it fast, or provide a way to get it to “just work” again, without issue.

Before I started using Mac OS X, or iOS, I’ve had endless nightmares caused by Windows, Android, or Blackberry issues. When I switched to Apple, even issues that I thought were a normal part of everyday technology use, just weren’t there. It’s truly amazing when you start using technology that actually does what it’s supposed to do. You feel like you’re in tech heaven when all the usual “normal” issues just aren’t there anymore.

I love my Apple MacBook Pro and iPhone because they “Just Work”, and best of all, they work beautifully together. As for the rumor that Apple deliberately slows down older iPhones in order to sell their latest flagship models; well… more bullshit. I am currently using an iPhone 5 and it still works just as well as it did on first day that I unboxed it, even with all the iOS 8 updates. The iPhone 5 is a discontinued model, replaced by the iPhone 5C, which is now considered “old”, due to the newly released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. But regardless, the iPhone 5 still provides a better experience than most new Android or Blackberry phones on the market today, because it “Just Works”. There’s literally no need for me to even consider getting a new phone. I’ll probably be using this iPhone until it physically breaks, or until Apple makes some Major changes to their operating system that the iPhone 5 hardware won’t be able to support. My guess is, that this phone would be good for another 3-4 years, and my 2012 model MacBook Pro will probably also be good for the same amount of time, if not longer.

My experience with using Apple products has been nothing but pure bliss! Call me a fanboy, retro-hipster, or poser. Whatever you haters want to label me as; I don’t care, because at the end of the day I’m using technology that actually works and does what I want it to do, while you’re sitting there dealing with virus issues, trackpads that stop working, batteries that hold no charge, or operating systems that have to be re-installed 3 times a month. I’m a proud Apple fanboy! Suck on that! xoxo

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