Africa is really hot! Ok, yes, I know; Captain Obvious here, at your service. But really; today was just exceptionally hot and humid here in this small village of Mbombela. I literally couldn’t function. I just wanted to take off all my clothes and run into the ocean. But the ocean is about a two-hour drive away, so that would be a really long run, and I’d probably get arrested for public indecency. So, I scrapped that Idea and just vegged out on the couch underneath a ceiling fan, working through my email inbox, and watching TV series, instead of nude-running. No nude running? Tragic, right? Anyway, let me get to the point of this article: The Rosetta Mission.

While I’ve been sitting on my couch, working through emails, and complaining about the African heat; some awesome Scientists and Engineers landed a space probe on a comet. That kind of makes me feel somewhat unproductive. Maybe I should go to college and become a scientist so that I can explore space, instead of writing about how I want to run naked through the streets? But if I do that, then you won’t have this really awesome blog to read. So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. You’re welcome.

Check out this amazing three-part video series of the Rosetta Mission below…

For the first time in history, scientists are attempting to land a robotic probe on a comet – the final and most challenging stage of the Rosetta mission. Nature Video is at the European Space Agency’s mission control in Darmstadt, Germany to bring you almost-live coverage of events.

Rosetta Live #1: To go or not to go

“In this episode we follow the last moments before the Rosetta orbiter deploys its probe – Philae – on course for a perilous descent.” – Nature Video


Rosetta Live #2: The decent

In this episode we wait with baited breath for the release of Philae from Rosetta, hopefully to begin its long descent.” – Nature Video

Rosetta Live #3: Touchdown

In this final episode, the real nail biting begins. With its progress now totally in the hands of fate, will Philae land safely?” – Nature Video

[ Video by Nature Publishing Group | Feature image by DLR ]

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