Over the years, I’ve tried various desktop publishing and distraction-free writing apps. OmmWriter has always been my favorite out of the bunch. But I mainly write content for the web and while OmmWriter offers an amazing writing space; it doesn’t allow me to directly publish or edit existing blog posts. I always had to save my work in ‘.txt’ format, then copy/paste it into WordPress to add styling and images, and then finally publish the post live to my blog from the WordPress back-end. I needed a simpler solution; an app that provided both a creative, distraction-free writing space but that also offered the ability to publish and edit articles on the web.

That’s when I discovered Desk. It is everything that I was looking for — and then some.

Not only does Desk provide the most visually appealing writing space, but it also enables me to publish articles to my blog, edit existing blog posts, and set text styling by Markdown or WYSIWYG, insert media, set featured image, choose meta settings such as post title, categories, meta tags, custom URL, etc. Not to mention, it’s compatible with a wide variety of blog publishing platforms.

Desk truly is a remarkable desktop publishing app for the modern writer and the developer is raising the bar in terms of what is expected from indie developers when it comes to app quality, support, and community building.

When you buy Desk, you’re not just buying an amazing desktop publishing and productivity app — you’re also buying into an active community of writers, coming together to inspire one another on a daily basis through the Desk Community & Support forums. Desk is much more than just an app; it’s a movement.

While I might still be using OmmWriter from time to time, Desk is soon becoming my number one tool of choice for desktop and web publishing. Thank you, John, for creating such an amazing App!

Desk is available for Mac OS X from the Mac App Store and no, this is not a sponsored post — I love Desk!

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