I haven’t seen my grandparents since they’ve moved out of our home a few months go. My mother had planned to visit them this past weekend and I decided to go with her. She’s gone to visit them a few times since they’ve moved out but I’ve avoided the trips because I really didn’t feel like being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of Jesus freaks and nothing to do.

But, I do love my grandparents very much so I decided to go with my mother this time around.

They seem as happy as they can be, in their current circumstances and I quite enjoyed spending some time with them.. More pictures and details after the break. CLICK CLICK CLICK >>>

The view from their house is quite amazing…

They’ve even got a little fairy garden on the rocky hillside…

I really enjoyed getting away from everything for a few hours. No Internet, limited cellphone use, nothing but me and the great outdoors. Don’t get me wrong; I would go absolutely cray cray if I have to stay there for a long time because I just cannot live without technology but I needed a little break.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of myself but it completely slipped my mind, can you believe it? I was so relaxed, enjoying the scenery that I didn’t even bother to think “hey, maybe I should take a picture of myself to show my readers” – Sorry guys. Next time I go anywhere I’ll set a reminder on my mobile to snap myself.

I’m not sure when exactly I’ll be visiting my grandparents again, but I suffer from serious writers block and their place may be the perfect location to get the creative juices flowing. If only I actually had my own laptop or iPad I could sit there and let imagination soar, unless I kick it old school with a pen and paper. Sorry iMac but I cannot take you on field trips.

That’s it for now folks, check back often for more updates! xoxo

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