I’ve been chatting to a friend from Canmore about vacationing in the Canadian Rockies. In case you ever consider vacationing there; I have some useful information to share with you…

Canmore has lots of incredible nature. Scenery which will make your jaw drop, eyes pop and will have you snapping pictures until your pointer finger fatigues! Within the beautiful nature, is lots of untamed wildlife. It is paramount to remember, we are in fact intruders on this land, originally ruled by the wild. Roving freely amongst the splendor of the Canadian Rockies brings us face to face with the force of nature. And although nature is usually on our side, it’s important to be aware, so you can stay and play safely!


Large mammals populate the Canadian Rockies, and are one of the things which attract people there. There are two sets of animals which command the wild; prey and predator species. The prey species present are deer, elk, mountain goats and moose. They can be every bit as dangerous as the predator species, because of their sheer size and weight! As well as they will do anything to surprise.

It’s important to keep your distance and watch from afar so you don’t experience a damaging wildlife encounter.

The predator species of Canmore include black bears, grizzly bears, cougars, lynx, bobcats, wolverine, coyotes and wolves! A visit to the forested wild lands of the Rockies is a combination of awe and fear. It sometimes makes it difficult to take pleasure in an outing if you are threatened by a predator. Luckily, the reality is, most of the large mammals fear man, unless they are hungry or you threaten their cubs.

Be loud, keep to yourself, and bring some bear spray when you venture into the wilderness.


You will be happy to note, Canmore has few mosquitoes and no black flies. The only exception is if the Spring is a wet one. Canmore usually has a late winter storm near the end of June, which usually cures any potential mosquito problems. Midsummer is when the bugs come, specifically deer flies; which are similar to horseflies and very slow in nature. Deer flies do not sting, they bite. Simply slather on some bug repellent and you should be fine.

The thick forested wildlife is a perfect place for ticks. Walkers and hikers should keep their eyes out for these pests during the early spring months of late March through June. Pay close attention to your attire and do a detailed body inspection post trip.

After your fun in the forest, stay a while in any of the vrbo Canmore pet friendly accommodations.

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