Shisha is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular recreations, with countless Shisha bars opening in almost every major city across the planet. Italy is no exception, with Florence, Milan, Torino, Verona and Rome now home to numerous Shisha (Hookah) bars and restaurants. These establishments will have subtle nuances that give them a unique feel and atmosphere. However, all Shisha bars are popular because they are the perfect place to relax and socialise with friends. Unlike a regular bar that encourages people to drink exorbitant amounts of alcohol, which is perhaps one of the main reasons for Hookah bars’ increasing popularity. The popularity of Shisha or Hookah has gone so far that there even now Electronic variants known as E-Shisha.

Rome offers the widest variety of Shisha bars and restaurants

Sciam is renowned for its amazing décor, not just in Italy but throughout Europe. The whole establishment oozes with class and sophistication, and the immediate smell of different flavours is apparent upon entering. The low-lying wooden furniture works well with oval archways, biblical paintings and Persian tapestries. All of these features give customers a sense of relaxation and companionship that simply can’t be achieved anywhere else. The food and music are also of an excellent standard so it’s no surprise that this is and continues to be one of Europe’s most visited Shisha bars.

Maranega and The River are two more popular Shisha bars in Rome

Maranega is another popular Shisha haunt in Rome although by day it’s just a regular restaurant. It transforms into a cocktail and Shisha bar at night, where people from all walks of life meet to enjoy their favourite Hookah flavours. They have a heating system situated outside of the bar so smokers can enjoy their Shisha outdoors at any time of the year. Finally, The River is the third Hookah bar in Rome that has proven a huge hit with locals and tourists alike. Its location next to a river is perhaps its best attribute; however, many go for its chilled vibe and friendly aura. One can also relax on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful view while they smoke their Shisha.

Milan also has plenty to offer Shisha lovers

Arguably one of Milan’s most popular Hookah bars is the Marrakech Café, which specialises in Moroccan food and drinks. The furniture and decorations are also Moroccan and this adds to the relaxed ambience of the whole establishment. Another Moroccan Hookah lounge is Yacout, with the main difference between the two being that Yacout doubles as a nightclub, as well as a restaurant.  The Marrakech Café is more family-orientated while Yacout has a more upbeat vibe that partygoers might prefer.

Italy has no shortage of Shisha lounges

Rome and Milan are the most popular destinations in Italy so they have the widest selection of Shisha bars and restaurants. However, almost all of Italy’s cities and towns will have at least one Shisha venue, or at least be close to one. Anyone visiting Italy will surely be able to find a Hookah lounge with ease, regardless of their location. The number of Hookah lounges is always increasing too, especially as the flavoured tobacco’s popularity explodes around the world. This is good news for Shisha lovers who can now go on vacation anywhere and still enjoy their favourite recreation.

[ Article written by Julian O’Hugh on behalf of Future Shish. ]

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