The more I travel around in Mpumalanga, the more I fall in love with South Africa. I’ve been living in South Africa my whole life; I was born here, but I’ve always been cooped up in dirty cities, far away from any natural beauty. I moved to Nelspruit, the capital of Mpumalanga, last year. Since moving here, I’ve taken a few trips to explore the beautiful areas surrounding my new home location. One such trip lead me to Kaapschehoop, a dreamy and almost fairytale-like little town set out between large natural clearings in the rock fields near the top of the South African Highveld escarpment, overlooking the lush De Kaap Valley.

I’ve been told that many people have holiday homes there, where they go to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. I’ve only visited Kaapshehoop for a couple of hours, and even that felt like a short holiday. All the homes in Kaapschehoop have very unique designs, and there are wild horses roaming the streets. Entering the town  felt as if I was entering a fairy-tale dream state. Here’s but one of the many unique homes in Kaapschehoop…




There is a public hiking trail that take you out of the town, into the rock fields and right up to the edge of the cliffs over-looking the valley below. At a normal pace, it takes about two hours to complete the trail. I saw some people taking their dogs on the hiking trail with them, and I felt bad for leaving my dog at home. I’ll definitely take him with me next time I go up there. Here are some pictures from the hiking trail…


I really enjoyed the hike! The lookout is the perfect meditation spot. I could sit there all day, contemplating my thoughts, reciting positive affirmations, and visualize sending and receiving positive energy to and from the universe. Being up there feels like I am on top of the world, and I’m looking forward to going back there again.

Next time I visit Kaapschehoop I’ll take more pictures of the town and the wild horses roaming the streets.

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