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David Venter in Second LIfe

The Second Life™ of a Hermit

I had an interesting conversation with my grandmother this morning about what I do in my spare time. You see, I’m quite the hermit. A friend even recently told me that “Guinness world records should give you the prize for the best hermit ever.It’s true; I never go out, ever. The last time I even left the house for longer than a quick 30min trip to the grocery store, or a visit to the dentist, was when I went to the Kruger National Park with my family on March 2.

Instead of going out on the town, I choose to spend my free time playing video games or exploring and/or working in virtual worlds such as Second Life. In the past; I’ve vowed to leave Second Life and online gaming for good but, truth be told, I’ll probably never really stop playing games or end my virtual life, even though my focus has changed. I’m addicted to this modern, dorky way of living, and it’s probably never going to change, and I accept that. I’ve decided to stop talking (and blogging) my way out of spending too much time in virtual worlds; instead, embracing the fact that I enjoy these kind of activities more than what is considered “normal” by general society. What is “normal” anyway, other than a setting on the watching machine?

Anyway, getting back to the conversation I had with my grandmother; She asked me how much it costs me to “play” on Second Life. I explained to her, that other than requiring a kick-ass computer and unlimited broadband internet, it’s totally free. Unless, of course, I wanted a premium account for enhanced technical support, a free virtual home, monthly gifts and a weekly virtual currency stipend. I told her that, on the contrary, I actually earn money “playing” Second Life. I’ve made over $50 USD this month just by doing various odd-jobs in the virtual world, and I could easily make a lot more if I get a semi-full-time virtual job, or if I start doing more content creation and selling virtual goods on the marketplace again. Grandmother told me that earning $50 this month really isn’t much. Of course it isn’t, but we’re talking about earning real money for having fun on the internet, instead of spending money on real-world recreation. No wonder I’m becoming more of a hermit, right? I mean; who wouldn’t want to make money playing video games instead of spending money on going out and having awkward conversations with people? I’d rather stay home and chill-out on Second Life, thank you very much. But maybe that’s just me? Yes, I guess my friend is right; I do deserve some sort of title for being the best hermit ever, or something like that.

Some friends often say: “But it isn’t real!” So what? The money is real, every other avatar in the virtual world is controlled by a real person, the friendships forged are real, and it’s super fun! So, who cares if it’s not real-life? Obviously I know that it’s not real. I’m not totally crazy. LOL. But, to me, being the hermit that I am; it’s a great escape and social tool, allowing me to have fun while also providing me with just enough social interaction to make me not feel lonely. Will I ever drop it completely? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. Could my life go on without Second Life? Of course! There are plenty of other virtual worlds out there. Will I ever stop being a hermit? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. At this point, I don’t really care. I’m just doing what makes me happy, and right now one of the things that make me happy is living a virtual life inside Second Life. Look me up if you “play” Second Life , too.

 The Second Life™ of a Hermit

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David Venter

But first, Let me take a #Selfie

#SELFIE (Official Music Video) – The Chainsmokers

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Questions and Answers [3]

Oh my fucking god! I’m running late AGAIN. It’s already Monday morning here in the third world and I’m only uploading my Q&A Sunday video now. Bad David. Very very bad David. Oh well. Here you go, another video of me answering 10 random questions…

  1. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
  2. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
  3. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?
  4. What do you drink with dinner?
  5. Does it get cold there?
  6. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
  7. Are you a bottom?
  8. Can you change the oil on a car?
  9. What’s your favorite thing to do sex-wise?
  10. What’s your usual bedtime?

Want to know anything about me? Ask in the comments below and I’ll answer your questions in my next Q&A Video at the end of April. Long wait for an answer, I know. But at least I’m willing to answer literally any questions whatsoever and the waiting will keep you in suspense, so, you’re welcome. Till next time ~ Much Love! xoxo

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You Look Like a Fucking Whore!

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Lady Gaga G.U.Y

Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

Music video by Lady Gaga performing “G.U.Y.” ©2014 Interscope

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Sex, Lies and Depravity

Sex, Lies and Depravity

I’ve recently had the opportunity to view a series of films by independent actor, author, screenwriter and producer; Wade Radford. The films are quite controversial, and although they are low-budget, art-house type productions; they’ve actually sparked some serious emotions within me. In fact, one of the films; Sex, Lies and Depravity, and the sequel; More Sex, Lies and Depravity, reminded me a lot of some of the crazy shit that I went through during my mid-teen years. Check out the trailers below…

Sex, Lies and Depravity follows Jake, and his letters to childhood friend Arran. After one volatile night, Jake storms out of the family home and by chance meets Ethan, a young, gay, streetwise charmer. Jake struggles to keep the lid on the truth of his real identity and his new found affair with Ethan.

This is the type of film that’ll make you evaluate your own life choices; especially if you’re hung up on the past with thoughts and memories of lost love. We all deal with things in a different way. Some turn to drugs, others lose all dignity and self-respect, selling themselves, and some, like Jake, turn to violence out of regret and anger for how their life has turned out. Sex, Lies and Depravity is a raw example of how life can turn out if we fail to let go of the past, change our mindset about the future and take responsibility for our own lives and the situations that we find ourselves in. From a technical perspective; keeping up with the strong british accents was somewhat difficult at times, and there are some parts in the film where background sounds make it difficult to hear the actors speak, but the storyline had me hooked enough to over-look such annoyances. If you’re into independent, low-budget productions that portray a realistic look of how fucked-up life can get if you keep living in the past or fail to take responsibility for your current situation; I recommend you take some time out to watch Sex, Lies and Depravity.

Where to Watch:

Amazon Prime (DVD): Sex, Lies And Depravity Sex, Lies and Depravity
Amazon Instant Video: Sex, Lies and Depravity Sex, Lies and Depravity


MORE SEX LIES FRT 625x803 Sex, Lies and Depravity

More Sex, Lies and Depravity

 In the wake of Jake’s madness the others struggle to piece their lives back together. Ethan, now alone, reclusive and haunted by memories, struggles to keep the pieces of his own puzzle together, while being hunted by two thugs. Lisa now looks after Carrie and struggles with the all too familiar issue of social services, while Carla and Julie are licking the wounds of their pasts. Like its predecessor, “”More Sex, Lies & Depravity”” packs a pounding thud to a depraved society, continuing to make it’s political points of poverty and degenerates lost in a world of drugs, crime, social class, heartbreak, and worlds colliding out of control. The line ‘We all come from nothing, how are we ever expected to achieve anything?”” has never been truer, and this standalone sequel screams it while taking no prisoners. Check out the trailer below…

Where to Watch:

Amazon Prime (DVD): More Sex, Lies And Depravity Sex, Lies and Depravity

More Wade Radford film reviews coming soon to my Entertainment Blog. Till next time ~ Much Love! xoxo

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Not Giving Up

Recovering: Not Giving Up

Well, hello there, boys and girls. Yours truly has recovered from his little meltdown and is back in a positive mood; ready to take on the world again. I’m definitely not giving up, ever! After speaking to friends and family members about the issues I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve received pretty much the same advice from everyone; Simplify life, focus on only one thing at a time, get something done before moving onto the next. And, for the first time in my life, I’m actually going to take that advice.

I’ve spent some time going over the list of 10 things that bothered me; making notes of which is more important and how it make me feel about myself. This enabled me to prioritize, re-shift my focus onto what is more important, and focus on the points that’ll make me feel better about myself and my life. Here’s what I’ve decided…

I’ve made finishing my education my number one priority: I’ve never needed “the papers” for any job I held, and my Commercial High studies, through Intec College, taught me enough that I needed to know in order to start up and run a company back when Vervean Media was still in business. But, my Commercial High was not a High School Diploma; I’m technically a Grade 10 High School drop-out. I’ve decided to focus my time on finishing my American High School Diploma through Ashworth College (James Madison High School). Society dictates that you’re a loser if you don’t finish school, yet some of the greatest people (artists, business owners, inventors, etc.) of our time were all drop-outs, but no one ever thinks about that. That said, being a drop-out has made me feel like a loser; like I’m stuck in a 16-year-old mindset while all my friends are moving forward in life. You reach a certain age in life where having a High School Diploma is no longer necessary in order to study further in a certain field, but regardless of having reached that age; I still want my High School Diploma, not because I need it, but because it will make me feel better about myself. I’m going to dedicate at least 4 hours every day to finishing my High School Diploma.

I’ve stopped doing daily vlogs; instead I’m going to post only one video a week, while still keeping up with my Q&A Sundays on the last Sunday of every month. Doing daily vlogs, even when they’re only 5 minutes long, takes up about 2-3 hours a day which can be spent on more productive things like finishing school, or establishing a social life. Sure, I’ve failed my 365 Daily Vlog Challenge, but that doesn’t bother me right now. I can always try again in the future once I’m more stable and have more interesting things to share. For now, I’ll stick to doing only one a week.

My business and freelancing career is going to take a back seat, until I have my High School Diploma hanging on my wall. I still have some responsibilities in the field but I’m only going to tend to them during my “free time” and I’m going to try my best not to start up any new ideas just yet. Obviously I’ll make some notes of things that I want to do, but I’m not going to take action on anything until I’m done with my main priority.

Having realized that it won’t be easy building a social life in this little town, especially since very few people even speak the same language as me, and because the majority I’ve met are either highly conservative and religious, or complete druggies; I’m once again turning to Second Life as a social and creative outlet. I haven’t given up trying to build a social life in the real world, but I do miss the great friends that I’ve made in the virtual world since I’ve first entered it back in 2007. I also miss the creative tools; being able to build things and express myself visually. That said, I’m limiting my time in the virtual world to no more than 2 hours per day, and only if I’ve completed all my important tasks of the day, otherwise I’ll only hop onto Second Life over the weekends. I haven’t re-installed WoW and plan on keeping it that way until I’m done with school.

And then of course, I’ll still be blogging here, from time to time, whenever I’m not busy with other things. I believe that finishing school is an integral part to building my self-esteem. It’s as if a dark cloud of unfinished business is hanging over my head; raining down on everything else that I’m trying to achieve, and making me feel bad about myself in the process. I know, for a fact, that I’ll feel much better about myself once I can get this out of the way.

Thanks for reading my blog! Till next time ~ Much Love! xoxo

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