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3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shoes

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Shoes

Shoes are awesome! They’re both functional and fashionable; enabling greater self-expression of individual style while protecting our feet at the same time. But many of us don’t ever stop to think about the details of how modern-day shoes came to be.

Here are three things that you probably didn’t know about shoes…

1. Shoe Antiquity

Shoes are older than what some people think the earth is. The earliest known shoes are sandals made of twine that date back to approximately 7,000 or 8,000 BCE. However, it is believed that shoes were invented long before then out of a need for protection from the elements. Unfortunately, we’ll never truly know the exact date that shoes were first invented due to the fact that the first shoes were made from bio-degradable materials.

2. Shoe Size Conversion

Standard shoe sizing was first established in 1325, when King Edward II of England declared that the diameter of one barley corn would represent one full shoe size. Similar sizing is still being used today, however, the numbers vary by region due to different systems of measurement. Shopping for new shoes can be fun, but when shopping from foreign countries, you should always consult a shoe size conversion chart before making your final purchase.

3. Shoes as Status Symbols

Those sexy red soles that are prominent in current high-end fashion labels aren’t just coincidence. In ancient Egypt; the color red was reserved exclusively for high society, while slaves and commoners were only allowed to walk barefoot or wear undyed palm leave and papyrus sandals. The romans also wore different shoe styles as symbols of status in society. Even today, many still regard shoes as status symbols.

5 Ideas for Great Stag Do Costumes

5 Ideas for Great Stag Do Costumes

A stag do party is the last bachelor event that a groom can have. Aside from casual drinking and clubbing, men have developed several ways to make it more fun and exciting. One of which is the wearing of stag do costumes. The choice of costumes usually depends on the theme of the party. And if you don’t have an idea yet, here are some of the most recommended ideas:

  1. Dress as women or drag queens

    If you want an exciting night out, challenge the groom or everyone invited in the party to dress up as women or drag queens. It’s more challenging if you go to night clubs and party streets wearing those sexy costumes and makeup. This is perhaps the easiest option because you no longer need to create highly detailed costumes and to improvise. Just buy or borrow sexy outfits and lingerie and you’re done. Don’t forget the wig and of course the camera to capture a memory of your group’s craziness.

  2. Wear a Onesie or dress as babies

    Another good stag do costume idea is to wear a onesie or dress as a baby. Imagine big, fat, and fully grown adults dress like babies, it will certainly be hilarious. This theme is popular because babies will usually come next to his priorities after the groom’s wedding. It’s also easy to prepare this costume. Adult jumpsuits which look closely to those of babies can be transformed with extra tweaks like adding a hoodie, necktie, etc. Be creative and use plus size baby accessories like adult diapers, mittens, bibs, and a pacifier or feeding bottle.

  3. Dress as superheroes

    If budget is not a concern, you can choose to dress like your favorite superhero. It’s a popular theme that will certainly catch everyone’s attention. When you have a pretty large group, you can mimic the Justice League or perhaps the X-Men. There are always superhero costumes available for adults but not as many as those of children. Thus, it might require you to have them custom-made. It would also be fun if you add few funny tweaks on your costumes like superman on a t-back, oversized batman, poor Spiderman costume, etc.

  4. Wear morph suits

    The morph suit also has its own share of popularity when it comes to stag do costumes. The good thing about this option is that there are countless types of suits available. Have fun and play with it by acting invisible. But since morph suits can provide the wearers undue advantage over bar staff and almost all people especially during the night, you or your group might not receive a warm welcome in certain areas or clubs.

  5. Where’s Wally costume

    If you want a better alternative to the morph suit, try the Where’s Wally costume idea that Redstarfancydress offers. It’s pretty simple; The entire group should be dressed in the same manner and only the groom can dress distinctively to be highlighted and get everyone’s attention. This is also a cheaper alternative because ordinary types of clothes and accessories can be used by the entire group.

Here’s an Elegant Way for Men to Look 2-3 Inches Taller

Here’s an Elegant Way for Men to Look 2-3 Inches Taller

I’m fortunate to be quite tall, 6’2” in fact. Sometimes I even feel too tall and I find myself wishing that I was just a little shorter, but in all honesty, I love my height! I’m perfect for the runway. Maybe I should be strutting my stuff on the catwalk instead of simply writing about fashion for you guys. But you’d miss me too much if I stopped blogging, right? Of course you would.

My height is great, but for those of you fine gentlemen who are somewhat vertically challenged and looking for a way to increase your height without going to the extreme (stilettos anyone?) there is actually a stylish solution to adding a couple of inches to your frame…

Shoemakers from Spain have perfected an elegant way to make men look taller. Woman wear stilettos to increase their height. Sure, there are even some men who love wearing stilettos, but the part of the male population who do not want to buy into the feminine style needed a more subtle approach. Soy Alto designs mens elevator shoes to look stylish and traditional on the outside, but with a raised platform on the inside to give men extra height. This way, men can look 2-3 inches taller while wearing seemingly normal shoes.

Soy Alto height-increasing shoes have been a wonderful success ever since their initial launch in 2009. They have reportedly received a great audience in the market, and are known for delivering quality. They have a large collection of raised-platform shoes to choose from that include many different colors, designs, styles, and textures. From casual and formal shoes to boots and sneakers, their collection offers great variety for all trends and tastes. They have also just released an entirely new Autumn/Winter Collection (2014-2015).

Thanks to Soy Alto elevator shoes, there’s no need to complain about your height (or lack thereof) any longer. Don’t like stiletto heels? Get yourself a pair of elegant height-increasing elevator shoes in a more traditional style, and look normal while increasing your height. Happy shoe-shopping shorties!

It’s all about Perspective

It’s all about Perspective

At a special event on September 9, 2014, Apple announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iconic Apple Watch. The event was live-streamed via Apple.com, and a complete keynote presentation recording is now available to watch on the Apple website. I’m a huge Apple fan-boy and a strong believer in Apple’s “Think Different” philosophy. Apple opened the special event with an amazing video detailing their philosophy. Take a look…

Epic, isn’t it? This creative introduction made me love Apple even more and got me really excited for the news they had in store. I’m not going to share too much information on their new products here (I don’t have press privileges to use their images, sorry) but I do recommend you visit the Apple website to learn all about their awesome new products. I’m in love with the new iPhone and Apple Watch! Go browse, click, explore and drool at the awesomeness that is the result of thinking from a different perspective and seeing things differently.

3 Ways to Look Great on a Budget

3 Ways to Look Great on a Budget

Did you know that you can look great without breaking the bank? Sure, it’s nice to have a wardrobe that’s full of haut couture, but your wallet may not always agree with you.

Here are three ways you can still look great on a budget…

Store Labels

Many clothing stores stock their own unique Store Labels. While these aren’t considered high-end fashion brands, they are also designed by skilled fashion designers and often mimic, or even improve upon the designs that are seen on the runways. The downside here is that your garment won’t be sporting a high-end label, and the fabric and stitching of your garment won’t necessarily be as good as the more expensive brands, but you can look great on a budget.

Some shoppers even prefer Store Labels over high-end fashion brands, because the affordable price point makes it more appealing. It comes down to a matter of personal preference. The question is; do you want to spend all your money on one high-end item, or would you rather buy four or five Store Brand items of similar design for the same price that you would’ve spent on one high-end item? For the budget shopper, Store Brands are generally the preferred choice.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping as a suggestion for fashionistas on a budget is generally frowned upon, because it creates the false impression of labeling the shopper as a second-rate citizen who can only afford hand-me-down garments. The truth is, that many unique high-end fashion pieces are no longer available from current collection retailers, but there is a chance that you might stumble across that rare vintage item in a thrift shop.

Not only is Thrift Shopping easier on your budget, but you also get to wear beautiful vintage garments that are truly unique because no one else can get hold of them anymore. Thrift shopping is a great way to build up an affordable high-end label wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Clothing Vouchers

My personal favorite is Clothing Vouchers. Many quality online stores offer regular sales and discounts through vouchers. From free shipping to 75% off sales, Clothing Vouchers give you the opportunity to obtain even high-end fashion brands at greatly discounted prices.

The most effective way to keep track of limited-time Clothing Vouchers is to regularly check websites that are specifically created for the purpose of serving voucher codes from an array of different online stores.

Click here for new look voucher codes.

Other possible solutions to look great on a budget may include; designing your own clothing, or supporting local market shops. It really is true that money doesn’t buy style. You do not need unlimited funds to look great! Looking great on a budget is as easy as knowing where to shop, and when. I hope that these three suggestions will help you! Do you have any budget shopping suggestions? Drop them in the comments below…

5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet Covers

5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet Covers

If you need a phone case and you love London, then you need to have a look at the great collection of London inspired phone and tablet cases available from fancyasnuggle.com. With one of these phone cases you’ll be able to take a little piece of London with you wherever you go at a price you’ll hardly believe. And Fancy a Snuggle has a phone case to suit your make and model of phone. Here is a sample.

Westminster Palace

image1 5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet Covers What can be more London than the Palace of Westminster, the centre of Government in Britain? The beautiful image on the phone case perfectly captures the beauty of this ancient building with its magnificent architecture highlighted by the cleverly positioned floodlights. Engineered to the highest standards, this phone case is produced from durable lightweight plastic that allows you easy access to the ports and controls while protecting your phone from the rigours of daily use.


Tower Bridge at night

image2 150x150 5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet CoversLondon’s iconic Tower Bridge is beautifully captured in the night-time image on this classic phone cover. It’s not only a great way to carry London with you, but it’s also the perfect way to safeguard your phone against the wear and tear of daily use. Precision engineered from lightweight, durable hard plastic, this phone cover is practical and comfortable to hold and looks as good as the city it represents.



The band of the Guards

image3 150x150 5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet CoversMarching bands have an attraction for people of all ages and the bands of the Brigade of Guards proudly marching in their red tunics and bearskin hats are truly a sight to behold, and one that makes a stunning image on a phone cover. This one depicts the band of the Grenadier Guards, the oldest of the five Guards regiments. This gorgeous lightweight, practical phone cover is engineered from hard plastic to the highest standards and will make you the envy of all your friends. It’s the perfect way to remember London.


London phone box and Big Ben

image4 150x150 5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet CoversTraditional red telephone boxes and Big Ben are unmistakable symbols of London. They are as much a part of the city as the London Bobby or the River Thames. It’s hard to imagine a better image of London to carry with you. Produced from the finest hard plastic to give your phone a lightweight, durable protective cover that will save it from the bumps and scratches that come with everyday use, it’s also highly practical, comfortable to hold and with all the controls and ports easily accessible. Great looks and functionality – what more could you ask from a phone cover?


London’s iconic black taxis

image5 150x150 5 London Inspired Phone and Tablet Covers“Where to, guv?” Instantly recognisable, London’s black taxicabs are as iconic as Big Ben itself and create the perfect memory of Britain’s capital city. This vibrant image looks superb on fancyasnuggle.com’s phone cover and beautifully complements the fine craftsmanship that went into its manufacture. Lightweight, durable and admirably fitted to protect your phone and make it convenient and easy to use, this phone case is an accessory that lovers of London cannot be without.