Wanna See my Deck?

Wanna See my Deck?

Oh, the joys of online gaming – I’ve been doing quite a lot of that lately. But to be honest; there really isn’t much else to do in this town. Between MMO’s, simulation games, and online casino games, I’ve been pretty busy.

Yes, I know, I should probably be working on building my business and completing the online store that I keep talking about, but all work and no play makes David a dull boy. Besides, life should be about having fun, so I just play games all day, every day. Jealous much? Maybe I should get an online boyfriend to join my online gaming shenanigans, since I practically live on the Internet now. I am definitely dorky enough for a virtual “boo.”

I mean, think about it… We could sext each other while playing online casino games in our pajamas. We could join the same poker table, and I’d send you snapshots of my deck. I bet you’d really love to see my deck, wouldn’t you? Maybe I’d even let you touch it. Imagine going to a casino in your pajamas, and talking dirty to your boyfriend at the poker table – that just wouldn’t be allowed to go down, now would it? Or maybe it would? I don’t know. I’ve never tried. The last time that I actually went to a casino for a good gaming session, was when I dressed up all trendy and proper, like I was about to do a photo shoot, or be hunted by the paparazzi; celebrity style gambling.

What do celebrities wear to a casino, anyway? I don’t even know. Judging by paparazzi shots, I’m guessing not very much… Short skirts… No panties… it’s like a beaver zoo, but with slots. Oh, wait. LOL? I’m not into beavers, anyway. I’d be more entranced by the butch security guards in their sexy uniforms. I’d be sitting at the poker table with a sexy security guard questioning me, and I’d be like, “I’m sorry officer, I just wanted to see his deck. Please punish me! Oops, I mean, Please don’t punish me!”

And this is exactly why you can’t take me anywhere, and why I stick to online casino games behind closed doors, where I’m not required to get all dressed up nor having to behave like a civilized human being. Fun times!

I Had This Thing

I’ve been an emotional fucking train wreck for the past ±3 years, since leaving my ex. This tune is so deep and so “current mood” right now, I can’t even explain. Just listen to it… And yeah, I never meant to let you go…

‘I Had This Thing’ is taken from Röyksopp’s latest album ‘The Inevitable End’. The track features Jamie Irrepressibles and describes “confusion, pain and remorse in the wake of loss”.

I Just Want to Escape

I just want to escape
Into a video game
Won’t someone set me free?
From responsibilities

And while I am away
Nothing can hurt me
I’m just taking a break
In my video games

Radio Edit
– iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/esc…
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– Spotify – http://open.spotify.com/track/44BmvnK…

DJ Edit
– BeatPort – https://pro.beatport.com/release/esca…
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OSU Beatmap – http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/294427

Written, produced and engineered by Jole Hughes. Vocals by Emily Mills

Akey’s Mixtape 004 – Guest: JacKnife

“This is Episode 004 of the series and this time we have 3 genres in this month’s guest mix! Expect nothing but the biggest tunes in Deep House & Electro House from myself and this month I have featured Bed & Butter’s Resident DJ JacKnife. I have purposely asked Jack to do this month’s guest mix not only because he’s a good friend of mine but it also falls on the same week as his birthday, so expect nothing but heavy, dirty, spine tingling drops as he has selected his favorite 23 tracks into this month’s guest mix.” – Akey


  1. Wilkinson feat. Thabo – Hopelessly Coping (Gorgon City Remix)
  2. Kiesza – Sound Of A Woman (DJ S.K.T Remix)
  3. Ferreck Dawn & Redondo – Love Too Deep (Deputy Remix)
  4. Mr Belt & Wezol – Finally
  5. Don Diablo feat. Maluca – My Window
  6. Tujamo vs White Stripes & White Panda – Booty Nation Army
  7. Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne – Rather Be (Will & Tim Remix) [UP & COMING TRACK OF THE MONTH]
  8. Gregor Salto – Afrobot (Wiwek Remix)
  9. Dave Silcox & Tom Ferro – Lose Your Mind
  10. Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand – Let Me Think About It [THROWBACK OF THE MONTH]

For All I Care

For All I Care

I’ve been emo as fuck again lately. I’m not totally sure what’s gotten into me; Issues? Yes.. Issues. Anyway… I was chilling, listening to some old-school trance, and came across this awesome track. It’s totally my current mood —  exactly how I feel about a certain someone that I need in my life right now. I fucking love this tune!!!…

Taken from Above & Beyond’s now classic debut album “Tri-State” – released on Anjunabeats in 2006. Includes the singles “Alone Tonight”, “Can’t Sleep”, “Air For Life” and “Good For Me”.

Get a Free Uber Ride

Get a Free Uber Ride

Why drive to places when you can get driven to places by your own personal driver, like the classy bitch that you are? Surely you must be acquainted with Uber by now? No? Well, let me introduce you…

Uber enables you to hire your own private driver, kind of like a cab or a ride-sharing city car, so you can go places even when you don’t have access to your own vehicle. The really cool thing about it, is that you don’t need to carry cash. All you need is your smartphone to book your ride, track your driver, and pay for your ride by credit card, through the mobile app.

They have various ride options, from affordable rides, to luxury black sedans, and vans for group travel. Uber operates in most mayor cities world-wide, including Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg, here in South Africa.

If you haven’t tried Uber yet, sign up now using invite code “uberdavidv” and get your first ride free (up to R150). This invite code is valid globally, so it doesn’t matter from where in the world you join — The currency-equivalent ride credit will be available to you from anywhere.

Go on, click here — get your own personal driver and a free ride, thanks to Uber and yours truly. You’re welcome.

No, YOU Are Crazy!

As you know, I literally live on the Internet, and my MacBook is basically my whole world. Spending a week without it was quite an adjustment, but I survived by working from my iPhone and keeping myself occupied through other means; such as recording really ridiculous, random voice clips during times of boredom and frustration due to not having my precious. I present to you, my new-found (and not-safe-for-work) hobby…

Please go ahead and like/love/fan and share the shit out of this, and follow me all over the Internets, because I’ll be posting more random voice clips for your listening pleasure. You’re welcome! xoxo

iPhone Productivity

iPhone Productivity

For the past week, I’ve been writing, developing and maintaining websites, and taking care of various design and business tasks using only an iPhone.

This happened as a result of my MacBook Pro being sent in to the Apple Tech Repair center in Johannesburg for diagnosis to see if it qualifies for the Repair Extension Program and if it even needs any repairs. I thought that this would be a great time to conduct a little experiment; to see if I can get all my work done using only an iPhone — and I must admit, thus far I am quite impressed by how much the iPhone is capable of…

I thought that it would be quite difficult to work on web code, design and edit basic graphics, or take care of other business tasks without a proper computer.  As it turns out, all my day-to-day tasks, including web development and graphic design can be done from my iPhone, thanks to iOS and the awesome apps that are available for it.

Using the following apps I am able to get most of my work done. Sure, it’s somewhat frustrating to do certain things on a small screen, but the point is, that all of this is possible using only an iPhone and mobile internet connection…

Web Development using Code Anywhere.

I had to update, edit, and maintain various client sites during the week. I needed something that would enable me to connect to my remote web server and edit HTML, CSS and PHP live on the remote server. After a quick App Store search I found Code Anywhere. It enabled me to get my web-development work done using only my iPhone.

Blogging and updating web content using WordPress for iOS.

This blog post, and many others for various clients, have been written and published through the WordPress iPhone app. Using the app, I am able to update and maintain content on all my WordPress-driven websites using only my iPhone.

Basic Graphic Design using PicsArt Photo Studio.

Basic creative work, graphics for social media, memes, and online advertisements can be created using only an iPhone. I am quite impressed with the capabilities of the PicsArt app. I definitely still prefer graphic design on a proper computer, using industry standard applications on a larger screen, but it’s great to know that in case of emergency, basic graphic design tasks can be done on an iPhone. PicsArt offers a variety of creative tools, and best of all… Layers. While not considered a “professional tool” It’s still possible to create stunning graphic art using the PicsArt app on an iPhone. However, if I was working on an iPad I’d be using Pixelmator, instead.

Customer Support and Consulting using Freshdesk.

I get a lot of emails and it’s often difficult to keep track of everything. I’ve been using Freshdesk as a support ticket and consulting system for a while and they have a really neat iPhone app for connecting and engaging with customers on the go. I can easily manage tickets and even take/make calls through the app. Thanks to apps like Freshdesk, it’s easy to provide professional, organized customer support and consulting services using only my iPhone.

General productivity and time management using Apple Apps.

I get a lot done on my iPhone using productivity apps like Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Numbers and Keynote — and thanks to having a Bonjour-compatible printer, I can easily print anything that needs to be printed straight from my iPhone over wifi. The Apple apps are a great productivity suite and makes working from anywhere using only an iPhone as convenient and productive as being in an office.

It’s quite amazing how much one can do using only an iPhone. After working on one for a week, I can honestly say that iPhones are highly underrated and that I don’t think any of us realize just how powerful and capable these devices really are. Sure, it’s much nicer to work on a larger screen using a physical keyboard, but that doesn’t change the fact that almost anything can be done on an iPhone. Working using only an iPhone also made me realize how awesome iOS really is and I’m actually considering getting an iPad (for the larger screen real estate) and switching to it as my main production and productivity device. But at the end of the day, even though the iPhone is a capable tool, I did miss my MacBook Pro and I’m glad to be working on it once again.

Have you ever attempted to do your work using only an iPhone (or an iPad)? What are your favorite apps? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below…