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My new Home@Adonis in Second Life

I’ve been “living” on the Second LIfe mainland for a really long time. But life on the mainland has been quiet and lonely. It was time to move closer to my friends and family in-world.

The Second LIfe gay community is always full of gossip and drama; Something which I try my best to avoid. It took me some time to determine just where exactly I would feel at home. I wanted a neutral, relaxing space where the general conversation of the community was focussed around fun and personal development rather than the norm of people discussing and judging other people in a negative manner. I wanted a positive, uplifting place.

I wanted a virtual space which truly felt like home. A space where I have real friends who focus on progress and artistic development. A place where drama is not even part of the vocabulary. A place where I can relax, enjoy a beautiful view in a luxurious apartment and hang out with laid-back friends who can hold a conversation without it turning to gossip. It took me some time and a lot of soul searching but I found just the place: Home@Adonis


In addition to the low drama perspective, “Adonis Heights is far beyond just a place to rent. Second Life property developers today cannot ignore the need to build sustainable homes or building for the virtual community and it is good to know that more and more developers or sim owners in the grid are beginning to see a well designed and close to realistic sim development as the way forward. Home@Adonis always hunger for continuous improvements and innovation as one major driver to nurture a positive and sustainable community.” And it’s just darn beautiful. Probably one of the best, most attractive residential sims on the grid, if you ask me…


Come visit me at: Tower C, Unit 02-ST at Adonis Heights in Second Life.

Want to be my neighbor on this beautiful simulator? Contact Daemyn Parx or Devon Barski.

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Adonis Heights Supports Stand4Love Cause

s4l logo white background Adonis Heights Supports Stand4Love Cause

The fight for equal rights for the GLBT community has been a long struggle though each progress made has been a victory. Recently, Gays and Lesbians are NOW able to serve in the United States Armed Forces without being harassed or expelled as they had been for years. Can you even believe it that a United States President Obama supports Marriage Equality for everyone at the risk of losing his Presidential Re-election? I believe times are changing for the better and everyone is starting to realize that people should be granted basic human civil rights that most people just take for granted. The right to love and marry should be available to any adult couples in a loving relationship who just wants to build a life together. Why is this too much to ask?

There are still gay confused kids committing suicides all over the world because they are being harassed and bullied. Gay people are still being unfairly discriminated at their jobs and communities. They are being attacked and killed on the streets for being who they are. Some parts of the world, they are being jailed and persecuted by the government. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING IN THE WORLD TODAY???

STAND4LOVE strongly supports Marriage Equality for everyone because people need to see that gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered people are human beings too, who are capable to love and be in committed long term loving healthy relationships. I just think we all are human beings with the same heart wanting to love and be loved in return.

Join this campaign here: http://stand4love.wordpress.com/about/

As part of Adonis Heights effort and inline with our objective to provide a safe and comfortable social engagement space in Secondlife for GLBT community, join our event below:

event poster 01 01 625x625 Adonis Heights Supports Stand4Love Cause


DJ Rocky @ Adonis (STAND4LOVE Edition)
Time : 6 PM SLT / PDT
Venue : Adonis Heights RED Dot Arena of Stars
Theme : TBA

AdonisBoys Photoshoot
(Special Photo shoot session for STAND4LOVE photo)
Time :
Session 1 : 11 AM SLT / PDT
Session 2 : 8 PM SLT / PDT
Venue : Adonis Heights Lounge Photo Studio
Attire : Red Top

[ Article brought to you by Adonis Heights ]

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Guide: A Better View of Second Life

Two years ago I published a guest author’s post on how to get better camera placement in the Second Life viewer. Since then I’ve been playing around with my camera debug settings and over time, I found the perfect camera angle. I’ve never really liked the side-view angle as suggested in the other article and I felt that the camera sat a bit too low for my liking.

In case you haven’t noticed; The default camera sits far behind/above the avatar providing a warped perspective of the virtual world in terms of scale. Content creators who don’t actively build to Real World scale end up creating over-sized builds with ridiculously tall ceilings, over-sized furniture, etc. All because things simply look too small or cramped through the default Second Viewer camera viewpoint. By adjusting the default camera settings we can get a much closer, more immersive view of the virtual world and actually build-to-scale without worrying about things appearing small or cramped. Now without further ado, I bring to you my tried and tested “BEST” camera placement settings for Second Life…

Snapshot 001 625x350 Guide: A Better View of Second Life

The precise angle of the camera can easily be adjusted according to your preferred preference. Simply follow the instruction below and play with the numbers to create your own perfect view of Second Life.

  1. Enable Advanced Menu: Go to Me > Preferences > Advanced and tick ‘Show Advanced Menu’
  2. Open Debug Settings: Go to Advanced > Show Debug Settings
  3. Type the following values into the box and set numbers accordingly…

X: -2.000
Y: 0.000
Z: 0.000

X: 0.900
Y: 0.000
Z: 0.200

Close the Debug window and restart your viewer to make sure that the settings are saved. These settings should now stick and you’ll have a better view of Second Life from here on forward. If you have automatic viewer updates enabled the settings should also stick through updates. You only need to make this modification once (Unless you regularly do clean re-installs of your viewer, in which case you’ll have to make these modifications again.)

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Happy Bunny Weekend!

It’s that time of the year again where we dress up in silly bunny costumes, consume our own kind of the chocolate variety and hide chocolate eggs in gardens for eager treasure hunters to discover, bringing them one stop closer to diabetes.

crazy bunny by punkyto d3a8ouv 625x625 Happy Bunny Weekend!

Last year, I spent all easter playing World of Warcraft to complete a seasonal achievement. This year I’ll be spending easter in Second Life doing absolutely nothing particularly special. I may end up virtually dressing up for Easter and posting the look to my Second Life Blog. But in all honesty; I can’t be bothered making a fuss over some religious holiday, so don’t hold your breath. If you’ve been following my blog for the past couple of years then you’ll know that I generally just ignore religious holidays entirely.

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting into the spirit of things just for the sake of dressing up, being silly, and having a crazy good time with friends. I just find it silly that we need some religious holiday as an excuse to do certain things. What’s wrong with just doing it any time of the year? If I want to dress up as a bunny and eat chocolate eggs in July then I should be allowed to do that without judgement. Who the fuck cares about the holidays anyway?!

That said. The holidays are a good excuse for the fun crowd to let loose. If not for certain holidays; most people would generally be too shy or feel too awkward doing certain things, like wearing bunny costumes or scavenging for chocolate eggs in the garden. Go ahead your royal shyness. Your excuse to be furry and become fatty is here. Happy Bunny Weekend!

[ Image: crazy bunny by ~punkyto ]

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Good Morning in the Afternoon

Morning is long gone here in Africa. It’s already past 5PM here but I just got up, so… Good Morning. You see; I’ve been living on Pacific Time again for various reasons:

  1. I’m spending a lot of time online in a virtual world with friends who live in a different time zone. Fortunately I have the freedom to choose my own schedule and sleeping patterns, so this way I get to spend more time with them.
  2. I live in a really noisy neighborhood. My neighbors don’t know how to care-for or control their animals. There is constant barking during the day. For some reason i am able to sleep through all this but I cannot work or concentrate through noise. Being up at night gives me some peace and quiet to do what I want to do without any annoyances.
  3. All major news (which I’m interested in anyway) breaks at night. I like staying informed and discovering news as it breaks, not days later.
  4. I feel much more productive and inspired during the night. Not sure why.
  5. I’m actually a vampire, the sun will kill me. (Not really, LOL)

Maybe in a different location and under different circumstances I would enjoy the day time more. But we learn to adapt to situations and make the necessary changes to make the most out of what we have. My current night-time routine is my solace and it keeps me sane.

If you want to read more about my virtual world activities, do check out my Second Life Blog. Those posts do not show up here on my home page nor on the recent posts sidebar for various reasons, so you actually have to click through to it or specifically subscribe to it if you don’t want to miss anything. Or just keep an eye on my social media profiles (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) since all my posts are pushed through to there, regardless of topic.

In other news: My Menswear Fashion LYST is being updated again regularly so keep an eye on it for awesome new menswear items and sales alerts. And remember: Fashion is Life! 


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FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 in Second Life


FFL3 625x625 FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 in Second Life

FASHION FOR LIFE 2013 opens for one week of non-stop, boundary-breaking, uplifting, shop-till-you-drop, dazzling entertaining events – the magnitude of which we guarantee you have never before experienced – beginning Saturday, March 9 at 12:00 p.m. SLT and ending on March 17, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. SLT with a colossal closing party!

Our goal is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s RELAY FOR LIFE, the world’s (and SL’s) largest non-profit event which supports, promotes awareness, and gives hope to the millions of people around the globe battling the ravages of cancer on a daily basis – the patients, caregivers, families, research teams, and medical professionals at the forefront of the war against this abysmal disease.

For one week we will come together, celebrate life, honor memories, have a lot of fun, and make a difference. Your jaw will literally drop when you behold architecture inspired by the “Seven Wonders of the World” on NINE Sims designed and built by immensely talented and distinguished SL craftsmen – filled to capacity with art, beauty, color, music, entertainers (including a fire and light show, and fashion shows by SL’s top agencies) that will permeate your senses with the captivating enchantment and breathtaking magic that is FASHION FOR LIFE WEEK!


◊ Well over 550 (and growing) never-before-seen fashion items have been created and donated by literally hundreds of preeminent SL fashion designers. Style it right and get ready to bulk up your inventory with fashion wear, accessories and the hottest couture that promises to lift your spirit and make you stand out wherever you travel in SL!
◊ Take advantage of 50% off on all John Galliano Inspired Couture fashion items which will be unveiled at the March 16 Galliano Show presented by BLVD Agency. These discounted items will only be available at half price for 24 hours beginning on March 16 at 12:00 p.m. SLT and ending at 12:00 p.m. SLT on March 17!

◊ Do not miss the numerous Gacha and raffle vendors at the International Plaza. On March 17, ONE LUCKY WINNER will be chosen to receive many of the participating designers’ new releases, as well as other gift prizes and surprises – so be sure to buy your tickets early and often for this highly sought-after raffle!

◊ Who will be named the first “SL Top Model?” The anticipation has rapidly been building over the past several weeks and will culminate with the Grand Finale on March 17 at 9:00 a.m. SLT!

◊ During FASHION FOR LIFE WEEK, you can enter the “Best FFL Photo Contest.” ONE WINNER will receive items or a gift card from over 40 participating designers! Look for the special information kiosks across all 9 sims and join the FFL Flickr group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2142896@N20/

◊ Join us for a memorable Closing Party on March 17, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. SLT where we will once again come together and rejoice, commemorate, honor, make merry, and applaud all of our efforts as we say farewell to this year’s FASHION FOR LIFE WEEK.
And so much more – too massive to detail here! Here is your link (http://thebestofsl.com/ffl2013/) for landmarks, sim descriptions, an up-to-the-minute list of donated items and where to find them, our entertainment schedule, and everything you want and need to know about FASHION FOR LIFE WEEK!

One day cancer will no longer threaten the lives of our loved ones or claim another year of anyone’s life. Be a part of making that dream a reality.
Join us beginning March 9, at FASHION FOR LIFE 2013

Executive Team


06:12 AM, EDT&

Affluent Divinity – Coming Soon!

I’ve been hard at work on an exciting new project; Affluent Divinity, a website that will bring together and showcase luxury fashion and lifestyle destinations, brands, bloggers, and magazines from across the grid. The website will feature quality editorials by myself and others, as well as syndicated content from select blogs and magazines, and a frequently updated directory containing web, slurl and social media links to quality Second Life destinations, brands, blogs and magazines.

ad header 625x162 Affluent Divinity   Coming Soon!

The in-world group has already been set up and will be free to join during the pre-launch phase. I’m hoping to get some magazines on board to distribute their latest issues through the group so that members can get all their favorite news and magazines from one place instead of having to be in many different groups. The main goal here is: CONSOLIDATE!

I don’t know about you, but I hate excessive random group chat and notice spam. I often find myself closing many groups chats and notices just because I simply don’t have time to read them all. My aim with the Affluent Divinity group is to keep noise and spam to the minimum, thus group chat has been disabled outright, brand and blogger release notices will be sent out in a single weekly digest notecard instead of hundreds of single notices for each release, and general news, press releases and event notices will be kept to a bare minimum.

The main objective here is to create a useful resource, consolidating quality destinations, brands, bloggers, and magazines into a single space while eliminating unwanted chatter, notices and spam. Wishful thinking or great success? There’s only one way to find out…

Click [here] to join the in-world group (free of charge during the pre-laungh phase) and feel free to invite all of your contacts. I’ve also created social media profiles on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Please Join/Like/Follow – Your support will be much appreciated!

Why am I doing this? Well, there are quite a few reasons actually. First and foremost; I’ve had enough of the feuds and drama between destinations, brands and bloggers in Second Life. Affluent Divinity will be a neutral space where all quality sources will be featured along-side one another regardless of personal vendettas. It’s unfair to make the end-user suffer because of personal issues. A neutral space is vital!

This is also very much a labor of love. I’ve been in Second Life since April, 2007. During all this time I’ve worked with various different brands and agencies but I’ve never really taken the opportunity to do my own thing, follow my own passion, manifest my own vision. Affluent Divinity will allow me to do just that, while providing fellow residents with useful information and supporting destinations, brands, bloggers and magazines in the process.

Now I know that you may have some mixed feelings about all this, so let me clear a few things up right from the start. Please note what Affluent Divinity is not…

  • Affluent Divinity is not a magazine.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a hunt.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a sale or gift group.
  • Affluent Divinity is not a social network.
  • Affluent Divinity is not your competition

Affluent Divinity will be a neutral, useful resource, consolidating and showcasing destinations, brands, bloggers, magazines, etc. into a single space, a place to co-exist, focussed around quality and luxury. All information shared through the Affluent Divinity group, website or social media profiles will be put through a strict quality control process of moderation and elimination based on general guidelines to ensure that the information, destinations or brands shared are top quality, luxury, and worth paying attention to – instead of just another group or site full of random junk. Does this seem elitist? Perhaps, but Second Life is in serious need of quality control and I’m sure that you would agree with this statement. And don’t tell me that what’s quality to one person might be junk to another; There’s a huge difference between quality and personal preference or personal style.

Will I be able to pull this off? There is no guarantee but there’s no harm in trying. Will I be able to do this alone? Probably not in the long run, so here’s hoping that I’ll find some more like-minded individuals who share the same vision and who would be willing to donate their time to building a better resource for everyone.

If you own a destination, brand, blog, magazine, or run an event, hunt, social network, etc. and would be interested in collaborating with me, being featured on AffluentDivinity.com, or perhaps interested in assisting me with this project; Please click [here] to get in touch!

If you’re a Second Life resident looking for news and information on high-end fashion and luxury lifestyle; Please join the Affluent Divinity Second Life Group and invite your contacts.

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