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I’ll have to start cutting myself…

Hello friendly friends 😀 Unfortunately there will be no Virtual Fashion Look of the Week for this week but I thought that I would at least snap and share a picture of what I am wearing although I won’t be going into detail about it. I’ve been too busy working on other things to even think about shopping for new goodies or taking the time to fashion a fabulous new look. Yes I know it’s terrible, please don’t rub it in otherwise I’ll have to start cutting myself… Just Kidding.

In other news. I’m really loving my new job at Lionheart Virtual Estate. In addition to assisting with pre-sale support I will also be handing events. It is really awesome to be working with such a great community and I am really excited about where things will go from here. Many thanks to Dirk and Xavion for giving me this opportunity!

P.S. If you want a tasty snack, grab a Meeroo burger from Jolly Farm. I hear they’re totally delicious ^.^

Reporting, Rambling and Ranting

I’m sitting here on my bed, half asleep and waiting for the boiler to heat up so that I can take a bath before I go so sleep. To conserve energy and play or part in helping the environment we’ve put our heating on a digital timer which automatically switches on and off at certain times. This however is not one of those times so I had to manually over-ride it. There is no way I’m going to bed smelling like an ox so I’ll wait up until the water is at a decent temperature.

In other news: I’ve taken on the role of events manager at Lionheart Virtual Estate and I am really excited about it. As for the [DV] Store; it has recently been torn down to make space for a new “life size” virtual office which will be the new DAVIDVENTER.NET headquarters in SL. There will also be a new photo studio and a complete information center on all the services that I offer in both the real and the virtual world. Watch this space for more information about that coming soon.

The Miss Virtual World website update is long over-due. I’ll be working on that in the coming days so that the updates go live before the main event. I still haven’t received any word from BlackBarbie or Frolic about any sponsorships so I’ve been postponing the updates since I’m not earning anything from it anyway. I was also quite sad to not see my name as part of the web team in the BOSL magazine. Here’s hoping that the situation will improve soon.

I’m stressing about my Virtual Fashion Look of the Week since I haven’t had the time (or the money) to fashion a new look for this week yet. I might discontinue the Virtual Fashion Look of the Week and turn it into a Look of the Month instead, unless of course other content creators start flooding my inventory with stuff to blog.

That’s all the reporting, rambling and ranting you’ll get from me today since I’m writing this post on my mobile and don’t feel like typing lengthy essays on this tiny keyboard. Time for bath, Jira and bed. Till next time…

~ Much Love. xxx

Official DAVIDVENTER.NET Second Life™ Group

If you’re living the virtual lifestyle and would like to stay in the loop about everything related to me, myself and I, you’re welcome to join the official DAVIDVENTER.NET Second Life™ Group. Simply search for ‘DAVIDVENTER.NET’ in-world or click here to view the group web profile.

I’ve disabled group chat to keep spam to a minimum and I will only send out a maximum of two notices per week, unless of course something really important and noteworthy takes place. Join now to stay up to date with the awesomeness.

See you in Second Life :-)

Getting Better Camera Placement In the SL Viewer

Following up on Penny’s recent article on how scale affects content creation and land ownership in Second Life, I recommend another useful article from Penny on how to get better camera placement in the SL Viewer. Just in case you’ve missed the link in the previous article, here is the full follow-up by Penny Patton:

Camera placement is important. In the video game industry this is common wisdom. Game developers spent decades experimenting, improving and pretty much perfecting the art of camera placement in 3D video games.

Unfortunately, the SL camera does not take advantage of any of that experience. As a result, the camera sits way over your avatar’s head, angled down. Not very immersive or engaging. More like you’re watching a character from afar rather than interacting with the world through them.

This has also affected how we build. It’s common knowledge that avatars are generally oversized, often close to 7 or 8′ tall, some pushing almost 9′. And yet, the environments we build and explore are larger still, often fully double scale compared to real life. 5m high ceilings instead of the more typical 2.59, 20x20m rooms instead of 10x10m or 5x5m rooms. We need to build so much larger to compensate for SL’s camera.

Some will point out that you need to compensate for any third person view. This is correct, however with a proper 3rd person view you’d only really be affected by a room as small as about 2x3m, like a bathroom or walk in closet. You’d easily be able to navigate a 5x5m apartment with a typical 2.59m high ceiling.

The irony of all this up-scaling is that it makes SL smaller. We can’t re-size our land to match, afterall, so we either need to buy more or settle for a “smaller” build.

These up-scaled builds also eat more of our allotted prims. A 20x20m room might take 16 prims where the same room done to 10x10m scale takes up only 1/4th the land area and can be done in a mere 6 prims (or even 3 prims if you build as efficiently as possible) because you don’t bump heads with that 10x10x10m prim size limit.

So here you are. Alternate camera settings you can easily enter into the viewer’s debug panel to get a better look at Second Life.


CameraOffsetDefault (In Viewer 1 based viewers, including TPVs like Ascent/Phoenix/Imprudence)

CameraOffsetRearView (In Viewer 2 including TPVs such as Kirstens, Starlight and Catznip)
X: -2.000
Y: -0.400 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centred view.)
Z: -0.200

FocusOffsetDefault (In Viewer 1 based viewers, including TPVs like Ascent/Phoenix/Imprudence)

FocusOffsetRearView (In Viewer 2 including TPVs such as Kirstens, Starlight and Catznip)
X: 0.900
Y: -0.700 (Make positive for a left shoulder view or keep 0.000 for a centred view.)
Z: 0.200

In addition, Viewer 2.1 on up supports multiple camera presets in the form of “Rear View”, “Front View” and “Side View”. The settings I name above are to overwrite your rear view, which is the default setting SL will always revert to. You can also overwrite the Front and Side views with whatever camera settings you find useful.

To find the other debug settings replace the “RearView” portion of the name with “FrontView” or “GroupView” to alter the front and side view camera presets. In your View window in the SL viewer you can switch between these views with the press of a button.

[View the article on the Second Life Community Forums]

Happy Birthday to ME!

As many of you already know, yesterday (July 1st) was my 24th birthday. I didn’t make any plans to celebrate the occasion so the day turned out to be quite dull. My mother took me out to get my hair done and bought me some birthday cake. When we reached the counter, the cashier asked if we’re celebrating a birthday. My mother said that it was my birthday and asked the cashier to guess my age. She thought I was 18. That really made my day because I’ve felt so old and stale lately.

I have this theory that we look as old as we act and feel. If you live a more youthful life you will look younger for longer and what goes on inside your head plays a large role on how your body functions and ages. I’m glad that I still look like a teenager. On the contrary this very fact have caused me to lose out on many business opportunities because large firms gave me one look thinking “who is this little boy trying to do business with us.” Instead of giving me a chance to offer a service better than most of the older-looking guys could.

After getting home I spent some time with my virtual family in Second Life and then watched some reality TV while drinking a bottle of wine, eventually falling asleep. I was rather upset that my birthday was so uneventful and that my boyfriend didn’t even show up to spend the day with me. He promised to make it up to me though, so I hope that he will live up to that promise soon!

Thanks a lot to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, you guys are awesome!

Virtual fashion obsession revisited

Dressing up and regularly changing outfits in Second Life have become as common and generally practiced as in the real world. Most virtual fashionistas would change their avatar’s clothing at least once a day or more. Some have even gone to the extreme of never wearing the same thing twice. In a virtual world where a complete outfit including shoes and accessories will generally cost you no more than $2 to $5 USD it has become very easy and cheap for the fashion obsessed to indulge their addiction with the latest fashions all the time.

I first joined Second Life back in 2007 but due to the terrible new user experience I didn’t stay for very long. General interest in the creative aspects of the 3D virtual world made me return again in late 2008 with a second avatar. The second time around I met really great friends who I’ve remained very close to till this very day. Those friends have helped me get past the new user learning curve and I quickly got drawn into the world of virtual fashion. It wasn’t long before I became one of those fashion obsessed users.

A couple of years down the line I found myself with my fifth main avatar and maintaining this virtual fashion obsession on so many avatars was no longer much fun, instead it became tiring and expensive. I lost the interest in owning multiple avatars and decided to create a new account to be used as my only and thus David Venter was rezzed on November 18, 2010. Yes, I’ve decided to use my real name in Second Life. As much as I still love and obsess over the virtual fashion industry I find it to be very time-consuming, especially when trying to balance various other interests and projects on the side. The great thing about Second Life is that avatars don’t get dirty and clothes never crease, this together with my time constraints made me decide to stop obsessing over changing my virtual outfit daily. Instead, I’ve ended up wearing the same outfit for weeks or even months on end.

Wearing the same outfit for such a long time made it feel like I was neglecting my avatar and fashion obsession. Now, to compensate I’ve decided to change my virtual outfit at least once a week and to stop myself from neglecting this decision I’ve also decided to start publishing a virtual fashion look of the week, every week for as long as I possibly can. This should make me feel good about my avatar again as well as providing a sufficient fix for my virtual fashion addiction whilst still leaving me with enough time and money to pay attention to all my other projects and interests.

Just in case something else pops up, I’m not going to bind myself down by promising an update on a specific day of the week. I will, however be publishing my virtual fashion look of the week somewhere during Mondays through Fridays. Weekends are reserved for “me time” which means that I generally don’t publish anything at all over the weekends unless the articles have been pre-written on the Thursday or Friday and scheduled to go live during the weekend.

Now that I’ve given a tiny glimpse of you can expect from DAVIDVENTER.NET moving forward I hope that you’ll stay tuned to see what outfits I can cook up on a weekly basis. I will most probably end up using some clothing and accessory items in various outfits but each outfit will have its own unique style. This will be done to show that one item of clothing can be a part of many themes and that you don’t always need to cough up money for an entirely new outfit when you can instead just mix and match what you’ve got to create a brand new look. To kick things off I’ve put together a very special outfit which can only be re-produced in very rare cases. Watch this space.


My thoughts are like butterflies.

For reasons unknown I always get the urge to write something when ever I’m over-tired or about to go to sleep. This could however be a blessing in disguise since there would probably be a lot less articles on my website if it weren’t for my late night ramblings.

I’m going to have to put a lot more effort into writing if I’m going to keep this website as my main source of income. I really hope that I can get over this horrible case of writer’s block so that I can return to being my usual entertaining, over-sharing self. I actually blame my anti-depressant medications because as much as they help with my depression they seem to slow me down in all other aspects.

Now that I’ve written these few sentences I’ve suddenly lost the urge to write. No, I haven’t lost the urge to write! I’ve just spaced out into another dimension filled with fluffy clouds and rainbows where I am unable to catch all of the thoughts in order to put them together in writing. My thoughts are all over the place, flying around like butterflies in an open field, beautiful and unique but a struggle to catch them.

I better get some sleep because tomorrow will be another busy day for me at SL8B and I still want to visit some of the exhibitions that I haven’t seen yet. I’ll be sure to blog some awesome pictures after the event so that you can look upon them in awe, regretful that you haven’t been there in person. evil-grin Till next time. Good night. xxx

Good Morning City of Johannesburg

Good morning beautiful city of corruption and crime gold. I’m feeling surprisingly chirpy this morning and I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it’s because I’m getting to see the African sunrise, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning instead of in the evening and give my pale skin some much-needed vitamin D.

It really does feel good to actually get a good night’s rest during night-time. I will however, probably return to my Pacific Time schedule again next week since I’ve got a few important “to-do’s” in my Second Life schedule.

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a new colleague and friend. By giving him time management and organizational advice I felt an urge to re-evaluate my situation. Not that I haven’t been taking my own advice, I’ve just been slacking a bit and needed a good kick up the ass to get myself 100% focussed again. And what better kick up the ass can one get than by giving someone else advice about a certain subject, evaluating yourself in the process and realizing that you haven’t been 100% focussed in practicing what you preach. So thank you dear friend for not only coming to me for advice but for making me realize that I need to stop slacking and start taking my own advice .

I’ve been quite organized lately but not nearly as organized or time-efficient as I could be when following my own advice. But, isn’t that usually the case? We rarely practice what we preach and when we do preach our statements generally sound easier said than done. Life and emotion get’s in the way and we start to lose focus, thus procrastinating and not following our own guidance. Looking back over the past few months it feels like I’ve only been taking a really small percentage of my own advice, which really isn’t good. The time has come for me to start putting in 100% of my efforts.

My vision board is getting a much-needed refresh, I’m digging up all my time management course notes and re-evaluating my entire monthly, weekly and daily schedule so that I can stop sitting here feeling sorry for myself about financial and emotional drama and instead start putting all my energy into moving closer towards my goals. After all, a life without progression towards clearly defined goals is nothing but continuous stagnation.

I hope that you all have a fabulous Thursday and thank you very much for reading my blog! Much love to you. And as always, stay tuned for more.

Why I chose to live a Virtual Life

It’s been a while since I’ve actually written a full article here on my website. While enjoying a glass of sparkling grape juice and flipping through some Second Life magazines this morning, I suddenly felt the urge to write again. Various distractions have stopped me from focusing on specific topics so I have once again turned to OmmWriter for some peace and quiet while I write this article.

As you may have noticed, I’ve checked myself into Linden Lab in San Francisco via Foursquare just the other day. Truth be told, I just did that to give you guys an indication of which time-zone I currently operate in. I am actually still physically sitting at my family home in Johannesburg, South Africa but my virtual Avatar is in fact roaming the servers of Linden Lab. My life is a Second Life. While some may feel that such a virtual lifestyle is an escape from reality or nothing more than a massive multiplayer role-playing game, I feel quite the opposite and would like to share my thoughts with you here today as to why exactly I have chosen to live this lifestyle.

Second Life is not a game or a 3D chat room, it is a complete lifestyle that can best be described as, or roughly compared to popular movies such as Avatar, Gamer and Surrogates. To further elaborate on exactly how I feel about living this virtual lifestyle I’m going to quote directly from the Surrogates movie script:

The ability to leave your home without risk of disease or injury, to have perfect looks without trips to the gym or plastic surgery. – Right now we are witnessing an event that is of evolutionary significance. The things that were once unimaginable have become inevitable. – We are the creators.

Having a Second Life is very much like owning a “surrogate.” In this world anything is possible and you can go anywhere and do anything without any physical risk to your personal well-being. You can also do things which are impossible to accomplish in the real world. In the virtual world we are not constrained by natural laws such as gravity or bodily needs such as rest or hunger. You can log in from your couch, still wearing your pajamas with messy hair and at the same time be taking part in a professional business meeting or a grid-wide beauty pageant on a platform hovering in mid air with people flying and teleporting in from all locations to join the occasion. Getting tired or hungry in the real world? Log off, eat something, take a nap, or snack behind your computer while you’re logged in at a virtual club or busy surfing the crisp virtual waves of the Second Life seas. Can’t find something you’re looking to do, see, own, wear, attend or operate? Create it, or hire someone who can. Your only constraint or limitation is that of your imagination.

This is why I choose to live a Second Life, spending the majority of my day in the safety and comfort of my own home while still living a full and happy life with many others from all over the globe who feel the same way. I’m not in Second Life because I have no real life or friends to hang out with in the real world. I am on Second Life because I choose to not go clubbing or shopping for outrageous items in the real world. I am in Second Life because I choose to hang out with virtual friends instead of real friends, for no matter to where I physically relocate, I can always log in and still have the very same friends, business partners, and experiences.

In my mind, a Second Life is a stable life, free from the dangers that you would face if you happen to do the same outrageous things in the real world. It is however important to have a stable real life, or first life before you can entirely immerse yourself in a Second Life – For there to be a second, there must be a first. Some may have concern that eventually the Second Life would entirely consume the first. I’ve heard of many people who lost their jobs and partners due to spending too much time in Second Life but on the contrary I’ve heard of many more who have become so successful in Second Life that it enhanced and enriched their first life, both financially and emotionally. I too, am working toward that enrichment.

Some Second Life residents choose to remain completely anonymous. While I completely understand and respect while some people would like to hide their Second Life events or appearance from the real world and vice-versa, I personally have no problem with sharing any information about either. Because I see Second Life as a complete lifestyle and an extension of my real life, not just a role-playing game. I am who I am both in the real and in the virtual world. Now you may be wondering, where does this leave my real world friends, family, business partnerships and love life?

I would conduct business as usual – after all, there has to be a first life in order to maintain a second until the second is strong enough to maintain the first. If my real life family were to join Second Life, I would consider them my Second Life family. My real life boyfriend is also my partner in Second Life. As for those with whom I have become really close in Second Life such as my virtual friends and family, I consider them as friends in the real world and would treat them no different if we were to ever physically meet in-person. And business, well… Business is business and you’re dealing with the real David Venter whether you’re conducting business with me in the real world or in Second Life.

After re-reading parts of this article I’ve come to realize that it may seem as though I have given up on attempting to achieve great things in the real world due to my virtual lifestyle. While I may be suffering some depression at the moment, I still have many plans, hopes and dreams to accomplish in the real world and I will never stop working towards them. To me my first and my Second Life is one and the same and I give sufficient effort and energy in both to not only ensure survival but also nourish growth and future success.

Thank you for reading this article about some of the reasons why I choose to live a virtual lifestyle in Second Life and I hope that you found it interesting and informative. I may continue this article with a second part or series as I delve deeper into myself to find more reasons for my choice and obsession.

If you are also living a virtual life in Second Life I would like to hear your “why” – Please comment below or email your story via the Contact Page, I would also gladly accept any guest post requests on the topic. Click here to get in touch.

If you’re not a Second Life resident, please do look me up should you decide to cross the line and take the plunge into Second Life.


Quick, grab some cake and candy because it’s time for a celebration! I am proud to announce that DAVIDVENTER.NET has crossed over into its second year on the web. Even though I have been blogging since 2005, this very site has only been live on the world wide web since March 21, 2010. – Just in case you’re wondering: Yes, this did slip my mind which is why I am only posting about this 4 days later than on the actual creation date.

Since the launch of DAVIDVENTER.NET, I have posted 471 articles and received 247 comments. – I would like to take this opportunity to look back at a few highlights from the last 12 months:

Looking back at it now I find it sad that there were so few highlights, to be honest. Last year was not the best of years and I even blogged about it being a shitty year when I posted the “Reaching The End of 2010 – Good Riddance” article. – I trust that 2011 and the next 12 months of DAVIDVENTER.NET will be filled with great success. And come this time next year I will hopefully be able to share many more highlights that are going to be a million times more exciting than the ones above.

Thanks again for all your support! – Happy Birthday Me!! Yay o/ Let’s party like a one year old. GooGoo xxx – On second thought, let’s not! Bring on the booze, the tunes and the dirty words! FUCK YEAH!!!