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“Life 2.0″ Official Movie Trailer

This critically acclaimed feature documentary follows a group of people whose lives are transformed by the virtual world Second Life. More than an examination of a hot new technology, the film is foremost an intimate, character-based drama about people who look to a virtual world in search of something they are missing in their real lives. The results are unexpected and often disturbing: reshaping relationships, identities, and ultimately the very notion of reality. Premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and will be featured on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network in 2011. Official site: life2movie.com

 Life 2.0 Official Movie Trailer

Geos Copperfield: Live Under the Bridge

He came to play music, it’s his love and passion. Song writer/singer, Geos Copperfield plays Bass Guitar in RL with some Jazz groups in the Los Angeles area.Continue Reading

Jungle boys Awesomeness

As some of you may remember, once upon a time Jungle boys used to be my home. Things changed when I felt that I no longer had the need for a virtual home since most of my time in-world was spent working. Since moving away from Jungle boys I haven’t really taken the time to go back there to attend their awesome parties (which is what got me to hang out there in the first place.)Continue Reading

Mel Cheeky Performing Live

Mel Cheeky came into SL in January 2006 as one of the first musicians to play on the grid. She was the first Welsh artist to perform in SL, and also the first to do a whole set in Welsh. During this time, she has played hundreds, if not thousands of shows inworld. Loyal fans request her songs on a regular basis – also ‘the Welsh song’. Mel Cheeky plays and sings originals songs, sometimes adding one or two covers for flavour. The woman behind the avatar is a very talented lady indeed. Melanie Fudge (Mel Cheeky) has been playing guitar for 7 years. During that time, the British wonder has written a mammoth of songs. 57 originals and over 50 collaborations with numerous artists worldwide. She made the top 1500 songwriters at the Billboard awards in her first year of songwriting. She has the most clear voice you’ll ever hear, and THE most heartfelt songs. One thing’s for certain, once you hear this lady, you’ll never forget her.Continue Reading

I’ll have to start cutting myself…

July 16 2011 Ill have to start cutting myself...

Hello friendly friends icon biggrin Ill have to start cutting myself...¬†Unfortunately there will be no Virtual Fashion Look of the Week for this week but I thought that I would at least snap and share a picture of what I am wearing although I won’t be going into detail about it. I’ve been too busy working on other things to even think about shopping for new goodies or taking the time to fashion a fabulous new look. Yes I know it’s terrible, please don’t rub it in otherwise I’ll have to start cutting myself… Just Kidding.

In other news. I’m really loving my new job at Lionheart Virtual Estate. In addition to assisting with pre-sale support I will also be handing events. It is really awesome to be working with such a great community and I am really excited about where things will go from here. Many thanks to Dirk and Xavion for giving me this opportunity!

P.S. If you want a tasty snack, grab a¬†Meeroo burger from Jolly Farm. I hear they’re totally delicious ^.^

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