New Year, New Me, Bullshit

New Year, New Me, Bullshit

It’s that time again, where we feel motivated to create positive change. We make a list of New Years Resolutions, and set short term and long term goals for the weeks and months ahead. Or that’s what people used to do.

I was “out” celebrating New Years Eve at Club Universe in the Second Life virtual world earlier (I know. Don’t judge me!), and the host asked about everyone’s New Years Resolutions. Everyone said they didn’t have any. Then there was me… “My New Years resolution is to smoke more weed, and suck more dick so I can finally get rid of my gag reflex.” – That’s something mighty positive to strive for, don’t you think? No? Don’t be so uptight!

In all seriousness though; I don’t really have any New Years Resolutions either. Time is an illusion, anyway. Sure, I have goals and dreams, and I’m always looking for ways to improve myself through forming healthy, positive habits, but just because the calendar shows “Jan 1, 2016,” doesn’t mean I’m going to go all nutty; pretending that this is some “new time” for doing something amazing. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Are we finally over the new year, new me, bullshit? Can we finally accept that each day is a new day with the same hope and potential as a new year, or a new life? Why do we need a calendar to tell us that today is the day to make positive change? Why don’t we do it every day? I REFUSE to buy into the New Years Resolution quick-fix hype!

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I have New Years Resolutions. And I bet that every singe person who say they don’t, secretly do. It seems as though, saying that we don’t have New Years Resolutions, is becoming a trend. Well, guess what? I do have some New Years Resolutions, but this time, I’m not going to tell you what they are. I’m done writing about what I want to do, or what I plan to do. This year, I will let my actions, and the results of those actions, speak for themselves. But this in itself, is a resolution, and I’m sharing it with you. Oh, the irony, oh, the contradictions. Ha! See…? This is why I haven’t been blogging much lately.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year! Now drop your New Years Resolutions into the comments section below, so that we can see what it is that you will stop doing, two or three months from now, after the hype has worn off, and because you don’t pledge to create positive change on a daily basis. Go on… No? Well, here’s one for you: Repeat after me; “My New Years Resolution is to visit DAVIDVENTER.NET on a daily basis, and to download David Venter’s Music on iTunes.” There you go. You’re welcome. Now, Do it!

I’ll have to start cutting myself…

Hello friendly friends 😀 Unfortunately there will be no Virtual Fashion Look of the Week for this week but I thought that I would at least snap and share a picture of what I am wearing although I won’t be going into detail about it. I’ve been too busy working on other things to even think about shopping for new goodies or taking the time to fashion a fabulous new look. Yes I know it’s terrible, please don’t rub it in otherwise I’ll have to start cutting myself… Just Kidding.

In other news. I’m really loving my new job at Lionheart Virtual Estate. In addition to assisting with pre-sale support I will also be handing events. It is really awesome to be working with such a great community and I am really excited about where things will go from here. Many thanks to Dirk and Xavion for giving me this opportunity!

P.S. If you want a tasty snack, grab a Meeroo burger from Jolly Farm. I hear they’re totally delicious ^.^

Reporting, Rambling and Ranting

I’m sitting here on my bed, half asleep and waiting for the boiler to heat up so that I can take a bath before I go so sleep. To conserve energy and play or part in helping the environment we’ve put our heating on a digital timer which automatically switches on and off at certain times. This however is not one of those times so I had to manually over-ride it. There is no way I’m going to bed smelling like an ox so I’ll wait up until the water is at a decent temperature.

In other news: I’ve taken on the role of events manager at Lionheart Virtual Estate and I am really excited about it. As for the [DV] Store; it has recently been torn down to make space for a new “life size” virtual office which will be the new DAVIDVENTER.NET headquarters in SL. There will also be a new photo studio and a complete information center on all the services that I offer in both the real and the virtual world. Watch this space for more information about that coming soon.

The Miss Virtual World website update is long over-due. I’ll be working on that in the coming days so that the updates go live before the main event. I still haven’t received any word from BlackBarbie or Frolic about any sponsorships so I’ve been postponing the updates since I’m not earning anything from it anyway. I was also quite sad to not see my name as part of the web team in the BOSL magazine. Here’s hoping that the situation will improve soon.

I’m stressing about my Virtual Fashion Look of the Week since I haven’t had the time (or the money) to fashion a new look for this week yet. I might discontinue the Virtual Fashion Look of the Week and turn it into a Look of the Month instead, unless of course other content creators start flooding my inventory with stuff to blog.

That’s all the reporting, rambling and ranting you’ll get from me today since I’m writing this post on my mobile and don’t feel like typing lengthy essays on this tiny keyboard. Time for bath, Jira and bed. Till next time…

~ Much Love. xxx

Happy Birthday to ME!

As many of you already know, yesterday (July 1st) was my 24th birthday. I didn’t make any plans to celebrate the occasion so the day turned out to be quite dull. My mother took me out to get my hair done and bought me some birthday cake. When we reached the counter, the cashier asked if we’re celebrating a birthday. My mother said that it was my birthday and asked the cashier to guess my age. She thought I was 18. That really made my day because I’ve felt so old and stale lately.

I have this theory that we look as old as we act and feel. If you live a more youthful life you will look younger for longer and what goes on inside your head plays a large role on how your body functions and ages. I’m glad that I still look like a teenager. On the contrary this very fact have caused me to lose out on many business opportunities because large firms gave me one look thinking “who is this little boy trying to do business with us.” Instead of giving me a chance to offer a service better than most of the older-looking guys could.

After getting home I spent some time with my virtual family in Second Life and then watched some reality TV while drinking a bottle of wine, eventually falling asleep. I was rather upset that my birthday was so uneventful and that my boyfriend didn’t even show up to spend the day with me. He promised to make it up to me though, so I hope that he will live up to that promise soon!

Thanks a lot to everyone who sent me birthday wishes on Facebook and Twitter, you guys are awesome!

My thoughts are like butterflies.

For reasons unknown I always get the urge to write something when ever I’m over-tired or about to go to sleep. This could however be a blessing in disguise since there would probably be a lot less articles on my website if it weren’t for my late night ramblings.

I’m going to have to put a lot more effort into writing if I’m going to keep this website as my main source of income. I really hope that I can get over this horrible case of writer’s block so that I can return to being my usual entertaining, over-sharing self. I actually blame my anti-depressant medications because as much as they help with my depression they seem to slow me down in all other aspects.

Now that I’ve written these few sentences I’ve suddenly lost the urge to write. No, I haven’t lost the urge to write! I’ve just spaced out into another dimension filled with fluffy clouds and rainbows where I am unable to catch all of the thoughts in order to put them together in writing. My thoughts are all over the place, flying around like butterflies in an open field, beautiful and unique but a struggle to catch them.

I better get some sleep because tomorrow will be another busy day for me at SL8B and I still want to visit some of the exhibitions that I haven’t seen yet. I’ll be sure to blog some awesome pictures after the event so that you can look upon them in awe, regretful that you haven’t been there in person. evil-grin Till next time. Good night. xxx

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