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Open Your Mind or Go Fuck Yourself!

Hey. You're here? Ok, good. Thank you. Let's discuss the reason why my personal blog has been so fucking dead, shall we? Truth be told; I've had a bit of an online identity crisis; having to decide which direction to take with my brand. Do I drop all personal aspects...

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Sunrise Ramblings

I was sitting here working on a new tune, then I saw the sunrise, experienced an amazing sense of calm, and I decided that, now would be the perfect time to write something new on my blog. I haven’t published anything on here in a while because, I’ve been so consumed...

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Why Weed Should Be Legal

Start educating yourself by watching this video... It is time for society to wake the fuck up and stop fighting a pointless war on drugs. Also Check out this PDF document containing some of the latest scientific studies. [ source: Prince Ea...

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I’m doing this alone

Hey guys, wow; what a crazy couple of months it’s been. I’ve actually been putting-off writing this post because, I don’t even know where to begin or what to share, or what not to.Here are some highlights of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months…Released...

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Nonconformity: Being Different

We're all programmed to be pre-made cutouts of "normal" society with no room for being different: Get born into a traditional family; go to school; learn to think with a limited perspective; pass standardized testing; grow up; get a standard day job; work in the...

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Nothing is Impossible

What? It’s Monday again? What the fuck happened to Tuesday-Sunday? Where’d the week go? Where’d the weekend go? What fuckery is this? Hmm… Let’s recap. Oh… Netflix… That’s what happened. Note to self: Spend more time on goals and less time on Netflix this week. But...

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